Episode 30: How To Create Evergreen Content That Makes You Money In Your Sleep

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I’m going to show you how to create evergreen content across your social media channels, so you can attract customers to you throughout the entire month.

How to Create Evergreen Content that Makes Money in Your Sleep

Are you currently building a business on Facebook or Instagram?

Are you spending hours and hours creating content and only gets seen for 2 hours or 24 at most! The short term exposure of social media posts specifically have always been my #1 dislike about these platforms. Thankfully, I’ve been doing this business long enough that I’ve learned a few tricks. So learn from my experience!

What if you could start creating EVERGREEN content that works for you to attract leads and customers while you are sleeping?

That would be the DREAM… right?

Listen to learn how you can start doing just that and WHERE to create content that LAST.

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content refers to content that remains relevant and valuable over an extended period of time. Unlike time-sensitive or trending content, which may lose relevance quickly, evergreen content maintains its usefulness and appeal to readers or viewers regardless of when it is accessed.

It is called “evergreen” because, like an evergreen tree that retains its leaves throughout the seasons, this type of content remains fresh and enduring. Evergreen content typically focuses on timeless topics, fundamental concepts, or practical information that is unlikely to change significantly over time. It provides long-term value to the audience and continues to attract traffic, engagement, and shares even months or years after its initial publication.

Examples of evergreen content include comprehensive guides, tutorials, how-to articles, educational resources, and in-depth explanations of core concepts. These pieces of content tend to address common questions, solve problems, or offer valuable insights that remain relevant regardless of current trends or events.

Creating evergreen content can be beneficial for several reasons. It helps drive consistent traffic to your website or blog, improves search engine optimization (SEO) by attracting organic search traffic, establishes your expertise in a particular subject area, and provides a valuable resource for your audience over time.

While evergreen content forms the foundation of your content strategy, it’s also important to balance it with timely and trending content to stay relevant and engage with current events or discussions. By combining evergreen and time-sensitive content, you can create a well-rounded content strategy that appeals to a wide range of audience interests and needs.

The Best Type of Evergreen Content for Bloggers

Evergreen content is like the timeless classics of the blogging world, consistently attracting readers long after it’s published. Here are some evergreen content ideas that can work wonders for bloggers:

1. Comprehensive Guides:

  • Write in-depth guides that cover a broad topic within your niche. Whether it’s a beginner’s guide, a step-by-step tutorial, or a complete resource, comprehensive guides provide lasting value.

2. How-To Tutorials:

  • Create tutorials that walk readers through a specific process or teach them a valuable skill. How-to content is always in demand, making it a staple in the evergreen category.

3. Product Reviews:

  • Craft thorough reviews of products or services related to your niche. These reviews can serve as go-to resources for potential buyers seeking unbiased opinions.

4. Lists and Roundups:

  • Compile lists or roundups that gather valuable resources, tools, or tips related to your niche. Readers appreciate curated content that saves them time and effort.

5. Beginner’s Guides:

  • Develop beginner-friendly content that introduces newcomers to your niche. Address common questions and provide a foundation for those just starting their journey.

6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • Create a comprehensive FAQ page or post that addresses common questions within your niche. This becomes a go-to resource for both new and existing audiences.

7. Glossaries and Definitions:

  • Build a glossary or dictionary of terms related to your niche. This not only educates your audience but also serves as a reference point for industry terminology.

8. Historical Content:

  • Write about historical aspects, developments, or trends within your niche. While staying relevant, historical content can be timeless and offer valuable context.

9. Troubleshooting Guides:

  • Develop troubleshooting guides that help readers overcome common challenges or issues. Evergreen troubleshooting content remains relevant as long as the problems persist.

10. Inspirational Stories:
– Share inspirational stories related to your niche. People love stories that motivate or resonate with their own experiences, making this type of content enduringly popular.

11. Educational Courses:
– Offer educational courses or series that readers can follow at their own pace. Courses provide ongoing value and attract new readers over time.

12. Resource Libraries:
– Create resource libraries with downloadable materials, templates, or guides. This type of evergreen content encourages readers to return for valuable downloads.

13. Expert Interviews:
– Conduct interviews with experts or influencers in your niche. Their insights and advice can remain valuable to readers for an extended period.

By incorporating these evergreen content ideas into your blogging strategy, you create a timeless library of resources that continue to attract and engage your audience long after the initial publication date.

Now that you know the best type of evergreen content to create, where should you share it?

Where is the Best Place to Share Evergreen Content?

Sharing evergreen content strategically maximizes its reach and longevity. Here are some of the best places to share evergreen content for bloggers:

1. Blog Website:

  • Publish evergreen content on your blog, making it a central hub for your timeless pieces. Optimize it for SEO to enhance discoverability.

2. Social Media Platforms:

  • Share snippets, infographics, or quotes from your evergreen content across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Use engaging visuals and captions to encourage clicks.

3. Email Newsletters:

  • Include links to your evergreen content in your email newsletters. Craft enticing email subject lines to prompt opens and clicks.

4. Pinterest:

  • Pin your evergreen content on Pinterest. Create visually appealing pins with captivating descriptions to encourage users to save and revisit.

5. YouTube:

  • Convert your evergreen content into video format and share it on YouTube. Videos have a lasting appeal and can attract a different audience.

6. Podcasts:

  • Transform your evergreen content into podcast episodes. Share valuable insights with your audience in an audio format.

7. Online Forums and Communities:

  • Participate in relevant online forums or communities within your niche. Share your evergreen content when answering questions or contributing to discussions.

8. Guest Posts:

  • Write guest posts for other blogs in your niche. Include links to your evergreen content to drive traffic back to your site.

9. SlideShare:

  • Create visually appealing presentations from your evergreen content and share them on SlideShare. It’s a platform known for hosting shareable presentations.

10. Quora:
– Answer questions on Quora and refer to your evergreen content when it provides a comprehensive solution. Make sure your answers are helpful and not overly promotional.

11. Medium:
– Repurpose your evergreen content for Medium. Reach a different audience by leveraging Medium’s platform.

12. LinkedIn Articles:
– Publish articles directly on LinkedIn to reach a professional audience. Share insights from your evergreen content that align with LinkedIn’s professional context.

13. Content Aggregation Platforms:
– Submit your evergreen content to content aggregation platforms like Flipboard or Mix to increase its visibility.

14. eBook or Ecourse:
– Compile a series of related evergreen content into an eBook or eCourse. Offer it as a downloadable resource on your blog or through email sign-ups.

15. Content Hubs:
– Submit your evergreen content to industry-specific content hubs or platforms where users seek valuable resources.

Remember, the key is to tailor your approach based on your audience’s preferences and the nature of the platform. Consistent sharing and promotion across various channels increase the chances of your evergreen content reaching a wider audience over time.

With these tips you now understand how to create evergreen content, the importance of this type of content and how to get it out in the world too! Happy Creating!

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