10 Tips for Better Sleep

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Sleep is something so crucial to our health. So many of us struggle to wake up rested and sometimes it can be a simple change that is all you need to get the sleep you desire.

Have you ever noticed that when you are running short on sleep you are more prone to getting sick?

It’s true that for your immune system to be its strongest, you need to rest. Lack of sleep can also effect your adrenals and how you deal with stress.


Here are 10 Quick Tips to Help you get Better Sleep


Make the Room Darker

As someone who has struggled with sleep for many years… one thing that bothers me is when the room is too bright. I just can’t fall asleep! I have been using a face mask for the past 12 years or so to block out all the light, but you could start with darker shades in your room.


Don’t work in bed

This is something that I’m bad about… not with a computer, but with my phone. It probably started when I was nursing my daughter multiples times a night and I would hop on my phone while I was nursing her. I got into the habit of checking my phone before turning out the lights and may end up reading on it for an hour before I fall asleep.

This type of light stimulation can actually alter your ability to fall asleep. If at all possible go to bed when you are ready for sleep and leave your phone on your bedside table and not in your hand.

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Use essential oils

Did you know that essential oils can help you relax and fall asleep at night?

I have a blend called Chill that I use, and I also use Lavender alone. If you haven’t used them before, they are so easy! You just put 1-3 drops into a diffuser in your bedroom and it will do all the work as you breathe in the oils and fall asleep.


Produce more Human Growth Hormone

Sounds simple right?

Well actually after the age of 30, all of us start naturally producing less human growth hormone (or HGH) and that can interfere with your sleep. I started using this supplement and it helped me within days fall asleep quickly and stay asleep. If you are over 30, it would certainly be something to think about.


Use a Sound Machine

Isn’t that for babies?

Well, it is for a good reason! For us, we always have a fan on, but you can also download sleep sounds on your phone for free. If I was trying to sleep in a hotel or crowded house with lots of sounds I was having trouble blocking out, I would turn on the sound machine on my phone and it would help me go to sleep.

This model has multiple sound options (waves, nature, white noise, etc) and is the best value I’ve found for one!


Use Ear Plugs

Okay, so the opposite of sound?

Some people may do better with wearing ear plugs. My husband doesn’t snore very often, but when he does – I can’t sleep at all!! I started using ear plugs when he would stay up later than me reading books in bed and the sound of the pages turning would keep me up (Seriously… I am such a light sleeper!)


Don’t drink caffeine after lunch

You may be like me and a little sensitive to caffeine. If I drink it too late there is no hope of me going to sleep! Thankfully, there are pretty easy ways to limit caffeine after lunch.

I like drinking caffeine free drinks like Zevia (or just stick to water!)


Go to bed Earlier

Sounds weird right?

But if you are overly tired, you may have more difficulty falling asleep. I think I read that 10 PM is a great time to set as your bedtime so you can go to sleep and feel rested.

In reality, I usually go to bed closer to 11:30 just because I tend to get a lot of work done once the girls are asleep. As a guideline, maybe try to go to bed just 15 minutes earlier and see how you feel.


Get into a Routine

Are you going to bed and waking ย up at the same time every day?

If you aren’t, try to get your body on a routine that you can follow every day. When your body can predict when it should be alseep or awake, you will get better sleep and feel more rested.


Try Magnesium

Did you know that having trouble going to sleep could be a sign that you are low in magnesium?

I learned this when I was pregnant and had to do weekly epsom salt baths, rub magnesium oil on my legs, and supplement too. There are easy ways to up your magnesium. As part of my daily routine, I drink Greensย with added magnesium and take minerals daily.


Do you have trouble sleeping? Did these tips help you?



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