How to Stay Motivated when Life Gets Hard: Create a Vision Board

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How do you stay motivated when life gets hard? We are going to talk about to create a vision board to keep you on track for reaching your goals. We know that life doesn’t always go according to plan. We set these amazing SMART goals and get to work on creating the life of our dreams one step at a time… and then well, life happens. This is normal. How you respond is where you can stand out and stay motivated.

Create a vision of where you want to go.

How do you find focus, clarity, direction after you’ve been feeling kind of stuck, and lost for a little bit?

So many people get lost in the daily activity… the daily grind. They lose focus of why they are showing up… who they are growing into… the bigger impact they are working towards.

You’re building a legacy… you’re building a business that sustains. It is something that you have to work on every single day – just like a healthy lifestyle.

Thinking about what are healthy habits that you can do every single day consistently, that help me become the healthy mom I want to be for my kids.

I want to have energy and confidence to just show up as who God created me to be – and because of that vision I can stay focused when it is hard to make healthy choices.

Now, that doesn’t mean that I don’t splurge or that I don’t go out to eat on vacation – But what it DOES mean is whenever I get home I haven’t forgotten who I want to be long term.

And I think that’s where a lot of people who struggle with staying consistent or lose focus on their goals… they forget where they’re going… who they are growing to become.

If your long term vision is important, you will focus on where you are going and you can think about… What would future me do?

Create a Vision
Create a Vision Board

What I learned as a long distance runner

I ran long distance in high school… and I remember showing up to my first practice and thinking I was going to die.

The coach just asked us to run about 2 miles… around the property of the school.

Day one… I struggled to run 2 miles… I had to take breaks and walk for a few yards, then I would start running again.

But we had a vision that we would work each day and learn new skills to grow into the team who could win regionals.

We showed up every day and each day we could push ourselves a little bit harder and run a little bit longer.

…and all of that built up to our final race where we won regionals.

If I had focused on that first day when I could barely run 2 miles… it would have been easy to quit.

“I can’t do this”

“This is hard”

“I’m not a runner”

But instead we focused on where we were going… and we broke that long term vision into daily and weekly skills to work towards.

In your life… you are going to have days when you don’t feel like showing up… You are starting to see everything that isn’t working right now and not what you are working towards.

Next, let’s talk about what a vision board actually is.

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a visual tool used to represent one’s goals, dreams, and aspirations. It typically consists of a collage of images, words, and affirmations that reflect the things you want to manifest or achieve in your life. Creating a vision board is a creative and fun way to clarify your goals, stay focused on your intentions, and manifest your desires.

What are the benefits of creating a vision board?

Creating a vision board offers a multitude of benefits for personal growth, motivation, and manifestation. Here are some of the key advantages:

Clarity of Goals:

Designing a vision board prompts you to clarify your goals and aspirations. By visually representing your desires, you gain a clearer understanding of what you truly want to achieve in various areas of your life, such as career, relationships, health, and personal development.


Visualization is a powerful tool for manifesting your desires. When you create a vision board, you immerse yourself in images and words that represent your goals, allowing you to vividly imagine yourself achieving them. Regularly visualizing your goals helps reinforce your intentions and align your actions with your aspirations.

Inspiration and Motivation:

A vision board serves as a source of inspiration and motivation to pursue your dreams. Seeing your goals and aspirations displayed visually can ignite a sense of excitement, enthusiasm, and determination to take action toward achieving them. Your vision board reminds you of what’s possible and encourages you to stay focused on your path.

Positive Thinking:

Creating a vision board encourages you to focus on the positive aspects of your life and the possibilities that lie ahead. By surrounding yourself with images and words that evoke feelings of joy, gratitude, and abundance, you cultivate a positive mindset and attract more positivity into your life.


The act of creating a vision board is a form of manifestation in itself. By intentionally selecting images and words that represent your goals and desires, you send a powerful message to the universe about what you want to attract into your life. As you engage with your vision board regularly and take inspired action, you align yourself with the energy of your desires and open yourself up to receiving them.

Focus and Direction:

A vision board helps you stay focused on your priorities and provides a sense of direction in your life. When faced with challenges or distractions, referring to your vision board can remind you of what truly matters to you and guide your decisions and actions accordingly.

Creativity and Self-Expression:

Designing a vision board allows you to tap into your creativity and self-expression. You have the freedom to curate images, words, and symbols that resonate with you personally, creating a visual representation of your unique aspirations and desires.

Overall, creating a vision board is a transformative and empowering process that can help you clarify your goals, stay motivated, and manifest your dreams. Whether you’re seeking personal growth, career advancement, or greater fulfillment in life, a vision board can be a valuable tool for aligning yourself with the life you want to create.

Here’s how to create a vision board:

Gather Materials:

Collect magazines, newspapers, photos, quotes, and other materials that resonate with your goals and aspirations. You can also print out images and quotes from the internet or use personal photographs and drawings.

Clarify Your Goals:

Take some time to reflect on your goals and intentions in different areas of your life, such as career, relationships, health, personal development, and hobbies. Consider what you want to achieve, experience, or manifest in each area.

Select Images and Words:

Look through your materials and choose images, words, and phrases that represent your goals and aspirations. Focus on selecting items that evoke positive emotions and resonate with you on a deep level.

Arrange Your Board:

Begin arranging your selected images and words on a large piece of poster board, corkboard, or canvas. You can organize them thematically or intuitively, depending on what feels right to you. Get creative with the layout and design of your board, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different arrangements.

Visualize Your Goals:

As you create your vision board, take time to visualize yourself achieving your goals and living the life you desire. Imagine how it will feel to accomplish your dreams and embody the vision you’ve created on your board.

Add Personal Touches:

Consider adding personal touches to your vision board, such as photographs of yourself, handwritten affirmations, or meaningful symbols that hold significance for you. Make your vision board a reflection of your unique aspirations and desires.

Display Your Board:

Once your vision board is complete, find a prominent place to display it where you’ll see it regularly, such as on a wall in your bedroom, office, or creative space. Make a habit of spending time with your vision board each day, visualizing your goals and affirming your intentions.

Take Action:

While visualization is a powerful tool for manifesting your desires, it’s important to take action toward your goals as well. Use your vision board as a source of inspiration and motivation to take consistent steps toward achieving your dreams.

Creating a vision board is a powerful way to clarify your goals, stay focused on your intentions, and manifest your desires. By regularly engaging with your vision board and aligning your actions with your goals, you can bring your dreams to life and create the life you’ve always imagined.

Who are you working to become?

You can have a dream board that has material things you want to work towards… but a vision board is WHO you are working towards. That’s why vision boards are so important.

Who is the person you want to be in 5 years?

What does their day look like? What are they reading? Who are they hanging out with?

If you want the victory, If you want to grow into the person you want to become, If you want to be on the winning team, you have to do the daily practice… you have to show up consistently… you have to act like you are already that person.

Have you created a vision board yet?

Take some time to think about your five year vision, your 10 year vision. Where do you want to be?

It’s not too late to create a vision for this year.

What if you vision changes?

Maybe you need to reassess what you put on your vision of who you want to be and who you want to become and start thinking more of that long term five year, 10 year person.

Are you on the right track to grow into that person? What are you doing today that will get you to where you want to go?

You can look back in a couple months and say, “am I on the right track? Am I doing this the way that I want to go? Am I becoming the person I wanted to become?

That’s the beauty of creating a vision board! You can change your vision as your life changes and your priorities change, but the main idea is that you are staying focused on growing into the person you want to become.

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