How to Grow Your Business as an Introvert

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Are you an introvert wanting to grow an online business but you are concerned that your personality may be a limitation? Learn these strengths of introverts and how it can help you grow your business as an Introvert.

The Family Hustle: Make an Impact Online
The Family Hustle: Make an Impact Online

How to Grow Your Business as an Introvert

Introverts… I’m talking to you today! Don’t use your personality as an excuse for not stepping into your calling and making an impact.

Did you know that being an introvert can be your superpower? But first you need to understand your strengths and what value only you can provide.

I am CEO of the club. Whenever I share my story, I always tell the part where I asked Adam “Hey, I’m thinking about starting this thing. What do you think about it?

And he was like, honestly, I think that your would be really bad. Like that’s not something I could ever see you doing is running a business like this.

Whenever I thought about someone in network marketing, I thought about the cheerleader, I thought about the class president who knew everyone and who was always talking to everyone. That is just not who I am…

I am not someone who likes to talk to a lot of people. I certainly don’t want to run a party, much less go to parties. When I realized that I could use my strengths as an advantage and build my business online, that is what helped me get the courage to actually start.

If I couldn’t have built my business online, I’m pretty sure I would have never even tried. This is a message to my introvert friends.

If you are not an introvert, then maybe this podcast can help you see behind the scenes of some of your friends, some of your teammates who are introverts and you just don’t understand what is going on in their heads, haha.

We are unique creatures who don’t open up a lot and share some of the behind the scenes of what we’re really thinking. But a lot of times, introverts use our personalities as an excuse for not taking the next step.

You may be called to do something, and it feels way outside of your comfort zone.

Maybe you can relate to this… I don’t like talking to new people, and when building a business – you have to get outside of your comfort zone.

We may be intimidated when we see our extroverted friends showing up with their big personalities and just shine in any environment.

What are our skills as introverts?

As an introvert, there are some skills that we have that I believe we can use to our advantage.

I feel like if we understand our strengths and really lean into our strengths, instead of trying to figure out how to improve where we are weak, then we’ll make a better impact. We’ll make more effort towards where we want to go.

So many times people are focused on where they’re struggling the most or where they’re the weakest, and they get just mediocre across the board.

But what if you focused on what you’re already good at and how to be the best in that area? Don’t you think you’d stand out a little bit more.

I want to tell you that being an introvert can be a superpower.

You have a value that only you can give. What value can you bring to this table?

We are known to be better listeners. I feel like as introverts, we are better at observing what’s happening. We observe, we process, and then we actually have something of value to share. Whenever we speak, it can make a bigger impact because it was really thought out.

Think about how you can use your introvert personality as an advantage.

Running an online business really plays to my strengths, because I like being at home. I like working by myself. I like being connected to a team, but I don’t like to be working side by side with other people. I do better working on a computer or working on my blog and recording podcast. I do better talking to people one on one rather than big events, public speaking, parties.

If I know my value and how I can show up using my strengths to my advantage, then I can actually come at the problems or come meet my potentials in a different way that nobody else is.

Step out of your comfort zone.

The first thing is stepping out of your comfort zone. Being an introvert, we are very comfortable being by ourselves, but God didn’t call us to be by ourselves. That’s just true.

We are better connected and God created you to make an impact in other people’s lives that only you can I completely believe that. So you cannot hide in the shadows and step into your calling of who God created you to be. And He created you as an introvert.

So you just have to understand, God created me this way, I have a superpower. How can I use this to help and impact others? So you have to do all of that together.

I realized early one that one of my strengths was that I was very comfortable with social media. I was very comfortable with talking to people in text message, messenger and now you can use voice messages.

Who are you speaking to?

When you are thinking about growing your business online, you always need to understand WHO you are speaking to.

Questions to ask yourself: How can I help my avatar? How can I help that one person who I’m here to serve? How can I speak to them that only they’ll understand and hear? And how can I impact them the most?

How do you want to show up and help that person? Is it is it through blogging? Is it through podcasting? Is it through pre recorded videos?

One of the things that I started with was just writing. This could be longer posts on your wall or through blogging and email marketing. This could be through ebooks.

The next thing I would say is get comfortable in stories. Stories are very popular right now and you can use this to connect with your audience in a deeper way.

You can save these stories and re-purpose them in other places too.

Now, another thing that I just started was podcasting. There’s a couple benefits to podcasting.

  • You don’t have to put makeup on.
  • You don’t have to get dressed.
  • You don’t have to feel like you have to look perfect.
  • You can edit it.
  • It is a place where you can create your own show.

Maybe the next step as an introvert is podcasting because you don’t have to show your face and you still can provide that value that you want to share.

I am a big fan of blogging and I really like the idea of pairing a blog and a podcast together. Both of these are really great for content marketing for introverts, for growing your business online, and really setting you apart and using your strengths to an advantage.

I hope that this helps you see how you as an introvert can totally dominate your market by showing up and only the way that you can and providing value to help your ideal customer.

You’re going to make an impact by solving problems, giving tips and resources that you know can help.

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