Is Keto Right for ME?

The Keto diet has become one of the most popular diets in the world, and for good reason, it really works!

 One of the biggest problems with Keto is there is so much misinformation out there about how to do it correctly.

My Best Keto Resources

30 Day Keto Masterclass

This F R E E 30 day Masterclass will dispel many of the Keto myths and help you do it correctly!

Free 30 Day Keto Masterclass

Keto Food Resources

Top Keto Dessert Recipes
Top Keto Dessert Recipes

Your Keto and Low Carb Recipes

Keto Recipes

Your Keto Grocery List

Grab Your Keto Grocery List

Top Keto Dessert Recipes

Grab Your Keto Recipes Now

Your Keto Friendly Amazon Shopping List

Shop Keto Products on Amazon

Keto Friendly Sugar Alternatives

Find Your Best Sweeteners on Keto

Keto Basics

6 Most Common Mistakes when Starting Keto
6 Most Common Mistakes when Starting Keto

Learn the 6 Most Common Mistakes when starting Keto

6 Most Common Mistakes

Learn How to Stay in Ketosis

The Secret For Staying in Ketosis

9 Benefits to Keto (besides weight loss!)

9 Benefits to Keto

How to Ease into Eating Low Carb

Ease Into Keto Tips

Intermittent Fasting Tips

Free Intermittent Fasting Guide

Intermittent Fasting for Belly Fat Loss How to Lose Without doing Keto

How to Detox

5 Ways to Detox Naturally 5 Day Sugar Detox Kit
It Works Results
It Works Results

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One Drink to Boost Your Immunity

“I want to be sick this winter season…”


Watch how SIMPLE it is to give your body a natural immunity BOOST one tablet at a time 

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The best health defense is a strong immune offense—support your overall immune function with just one glass of It Works! Immunity a day.†

Life throws a lot of things your way—from traveling, to taking the kids to soccer practice, to crowded elevators— and it’s up to you to keep your immune system strong so you stay healthy. 

It Works! Immunity is a refreshing, elderberry-flavored effervescent drink that strengthens, balances, and makes your immune system resilient.† It acts like a bodyguard and prepares your immune system for life’s daily stressed and threats.† With just one dose of It Works! Immunity each day, you’ll have a powerful first line of Immune defense.† read more

How to Get Back in Your Skinny Jeans WITHOUT Fighting Annoying Cravings & Stressing over Counting Calories

Watch to Learn my 3 Secrets to Losing Weight after having my 3rd baby:

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It Works Results
It Works Results
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Episode 28: Two Things You Must Do Before You Sell Online

You Must do This Before You Try To Sell Online

Ever feel like your posts for your business are getting crickets?

You know there are so many people growing their income online… but why aren’t you?

Aren’t we supposed to be posting about our products every day?

I know when I started with my health and wellness network marketing business, I was told to post 3 times a day about my products and 3 times a day about making money with me.

Boy, are things different now!

Maybe that worked back in 2013… but it is almost 2020 and things are just different online.

“So, how DO you stand out online and make sales?” read more

NEW! Dr. Nassif’s It Works Skincare: Lash Serum, Firming Neck Cream, and Illuminating Facial Pads


I’m getting older  – it happens, haha!

But I’ve learned that I can not only slow down the aging process… I can actually SEE results now –  without needing invasive treatments 🥳

 There are THREE main concerns women have these days:

  1.  Want Fuller, Longer Lashes
  2.  Want to Lift and Smooth their neckline
  3.  Want a Smoother, Glowing, Fresh complexion

Can you relate to any of these? 

Now we can get the BEST treatment that gets RESULTS without surgery,  side effects,  or leaving your house! 

Dr.Nassif's It Works Products
Dr.Nassif’s It Works Products


If you could pick ONE to improve before Christmas… what would you want MOST?? read more

Episode 27: How to Stay Consistent When Things Get Tough. AKA Creating Vision.

How to Stay Consistent When Things Get Tough. AKA Creating Vision.

Ever feel like you WANT to be successful… you want to create your dream life…

but life keeps happening?

Some people look at others who are already successful and think… oh they just have it easier than me… that’s why I haven’t reached my goals.

But What I have found is that just isn’t true…

Success is really more about being consistent and focused on ONE outcome.

Listen to learn how you can break through and find this one secret to staying consistent and reaching your goals:

Would watching a video make this easier? I got you covered!

Watch the episode right now! read more

Free Word of 2020 Worksheet

3 Steps to Pick Your Word for 2020
3 Steps to Pick Your Word for 2020

Have you picked a “Word of the Year” yet?

Would you like help picking one word to focus on for 2020?


I did the hard part and put together a brand new resource just for you:

Three Steps to Picking Your Word of the Year Worksheet! read more

Episode 26: 16 Posts To Make Each Week To Build Your Business

16 Posts to Make Each Week to Build Your business
16 Posts to Make Each Week to Build Your business

That moment when you hold your phone and wonder…

What should I post?!?!

Have you felt overwhelmed thinking… what should I post? How many times should I post? What should I be posting about??

This episode should help by giving you clear focus on what you should be posting and how many times each week to make that type of post.

When I got started… everyone talked about posting 3 product posts and 3 business posts a day… A DAY!

There was no algorithm to fight… and things were just a lot different back then.

So now, how much should we be posting and WHAT should we post? read more

6 Most Common Mistakes when Starting Keto

we threw out 80% of our pantry
we threw out 80% of our pantry

This was a video I wanted to put together because I had a lot of people reaching out to me asking some specific questions about keto and the keto lifestyle.

I thought that this would be a really great time to share with you some of the things that I’ve learned. So I first off – I want to say I am not an expert in keto.

I am an expert in my own journey of having to eat, low carb and having to learn about sugar and how it really affects our body in a negative way, and learning how to eat to fuel our body with the right fuels. read more

Your 90 Day Action Plan: How to Build a Business using your Personal Results

How to Build Your Business Using Your Personal Results
How to Build Your Business Using Your Personal Results

This resource is meant to serve as a guide and worksheet that you can print out and use daily/weekly!

I have broken this guide into ideas that I feel are the best way to share your journey and grow your business. 

For each section I will give specific example posts ideas. 

The most important thing you can do is start where you are. I believe that this type of business is to give you Freedom (and more time doing what you love)!  read more