My New Favorite Plant Based Weight loss Supplement!

??It’s here! Brand new X FACTOR!??


Why I am so excited about this weight loss supplement?

#1 It’s ingredients are Completely backed by science to prove you will lose this weight

When studied for effectiveness, there was an average of 31lbs in 90 days (that was 20 pounds more than when just diet was used alone!)

How Does It Work?

? Thermogenic- Activates your metabolism
? Ketogenic- Helps reach ketosis faster!
? Metabolic- Accentuate your self on those skinny jeans ?
? Keeps blood sugar in check! read more

How Rachel Lost 15 Pounds!

Yesterday, my friend Rachel and I started talking and I said you HAVE to share your story… 

I hear all the time “I’m too busy” 

and Rachel could have used that as an excuse to just stay where she was… 

but she decided she was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired… so she did something about it! 

She shares her story for us: 

Wow!!!!  My name is Rachel.  As I write my story, I can’t help but cry. I am so grateful for what ItWorks has done for me and my family.  read more

Low-Carb Sausage Balls

New Year’s Eve is one of those events that a lot of people plan to stay up late and ring in the new year with friends and family. 

For us this year, we enjoyed a simple night together with our family of five (still getting used to staying that!) 

While everyone is watching the ball drop… we enjoyed these little sausage balls (see what I did there, haha!) 

I hope you enjoy this low carb recipe that will keep you on track with reaching your New Years goals and keep you satisfied too! 



  1. Preheat oven to 350
  2. Add eggs and spices to a bowl and beat until well combined
  3. Add all other ingredients to egg mixture
  4. Using a cookie scoop and your hands roll sausage mixture into 20-25 sausage balls
  5. Place sausage balls on a cookie sheet. I used my cast iron baking pan. 
  6. Bake for 16-20 minutes
  7. Store covered in the fridge. 

Pro Tip! This actually freeze really well. I ended up freezing them in groups of 3 or so they are easy to warm up on a cold winter day for a fast (and Keto Friendly!) breakfast on the go! read more

Low-Carb Mexican Wedding Cookies

It’s hard to believe 2019 is here!

It seems like 2018 just flew by… and it isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

A few days ago, I was doing an interview for an online Summit which I’m pretty excited about!

In between running errands, nursing a newborn, and clearing up Christmas things… I made time to share some tips to help moms stay focused on their goals and be the best mama for their kiddos – because that’s what I LOVE doing!!!  read more

THE #1 Smartphone Free Fitness App You Need in 2019

If you are anything like me, you are always looking for little ways to improve your health and get a leg up on your goals.

Thankfully I’ve got something to help make 2019 your year!

Meet Live Fit!

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6 MUST Haves for New Moms [+ One Week Post Partum Update]

I can’t believe my little guy is a week old already!

I didn’t really think about the fact that having a baby over 5 years from my last would mean some different products and options would be out there. I wanted to share some of my FAVORITE things that I didn’t have during my last delivery that made so much difference this time!

Here’s My Top 6 Picks for New Mommies!

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? One Week Post Partum Update ? My Top 7 Picks for New Mommies ✅

Posted by Angela Roshto Parker on Monday, December 3, 2018


Here’s The Breakdown!


6 Must Have Items for New Mommies



After Ease Supplement: Helps naturally manage your afterbirth pains. I had a lot of afterbirth pain with my second baby, so I wanted to try something this time for it. This made SO MUCH difference! I had to use very little pain medication thanks to this.


Soothie Gel Pads: Definitely getting started nursing again after 5 odd years was a little painful! These soothing gel pads are so helpful in between


Lily Pads: Silicon nipple shield helps ensure you don’t leak as well as protecting against rubbing against your clothes. These have been super useful!


Probiotics: I struggled with constipation during the pregnancy and afterwards on all of my births, so I wanted to stay on top of it this time. Thankfully I found a great probiotic with multiple strains that really helped keep things moving for me! Even better, probiotics help keep my immune system healthy during the recovery and I am able to pass some of these onto my baby too, so yay!


Chocolate Greens: We all need good vitamins and minerals, especially during a recovery! I wish I had had a great green superfood blend 5 years ago, these are my go to morning products along with…


Keto Creamer: This creamer is great in coffee, tea, smoothies, and Keto Hot Chocolate! It’s full of healthy fats and collagen to help my skin rebound as well as make sure I’m not getting hungry (without having to pig out).


And at least in my case, my girl are my #7! Having them has really changed this whole process, I’ll be making a full post about it soon 🙂


What were your favorite things that helped during your first few weeks with a new baby?

Two Healthy Halloween Treats

Can I be honest… Halloween isn’t my favorite. 
Because all I am hearing lately is…

“Can I have a piece of candy?” 
“Can I have a piece of candy?” 
“Can I have a piece of candy?”


I usually can avoid this battle altogether… but during Halloween…


Besides the obvious… SUGAR IS MY NEMESIS. 


It really can be detrimental to our health (and our kid’s health too!)


When our kids eat too much sugar they are more likely to get sick, get cavities, and just BE CRAZY PEOPLE!! 


So here are some  Healthy Halloween Treats  my girls get excited about (without any of the sugar!)


Two Healthy Halloween Treats



 What are your BEST tips to help your kids limit the sugar during Halloween?

How to Block Extra Carbs During the Holidays – Naturally!

Fall is here!!!! Candy apples, turkey dinner, pumpkin pies and so much more!!!

You know I am ALLLLLLL about eating healthy… but there is room for everything in moderation… right?


That’s when this little secret comes in handy!


My little insurance policy allows us to enjoy all these favorite fall treats without any guilt. read more

How Having a Natural Birth Prepared Me For Starting My Own Business

Natural Birth & Starting a Business…


Those two aren’t often seen as going hand in hand… right?

But when I had my first baby… something changed inside me

Going through that process taught me some lessons that prepared me for when I started working from home a few years later.


If you are interested in learning more about having a natural labor and birth experience,
check out my latest E-Book!


Here’s my top Three Things I learned


It’s okay to look crazy.


See… I learned it was okay to do what I wanted even if everyone else thought I was crazy

I didn’t know anyone who had planned a home birth before when I was pregnant with Aidalyn… but after doing research, I knew that was the experience I wanted.

I knew that to get what I really wanted… I was not going to be considered “normal” – But normal is boring anyways

With my business, I knew I may get some crazy looks or have some people think I was crazy.

But after 4 years of doing this, I’m so thankful that I didn’t let what other people’s opinions of me stop me from accomplishing all that we have!

Quitting our jobs, moving closer to home, finding our purpose, helping families all over the world live better and find financial freedom  and that’s just the beginning


Always invest in yourself.


This was one area I had ZERO experience… I knew that I was going to have to learn all that I could and that’s what I did!

It was okay to not know everything when I started… but I didn’t have to stay that way.

I read a lot of books.
I watched documentaries.
I took classes.

I learned that birth – and natural birth – is sometimes such a mental game. And I was going to need to go in prepared…

With my business… I was the same way. I had zero experience – but I knew I could learn a new skill!

Anything you want to do your best in, you gotta invest in yourself


Know the power of having a great & supportive team.


I knew that if I was going to face labor… knowing it was not going to be all rainbows and roses

I would need a team to support me and keep me accountable for the experience I wanted… even if I wanted to quit at times.

Yes, I yelled “I NEED A BREAK” at one point  and I’m thankful my midwife was right there to help me through.

With my business… like anything… there are ups and downs.

There are AMAZING days…

and days you need a team to say “You got this!” “Your dreams are worth it!” “It starts with one!”

I’m so thankful for the team and support I have with my business. Because I may be in business for myself, but I’m never by myself. – and neither would you



Listen, there’s never a “perfect time” to start something new.. but NOW would be a GOOD time to jump. 

I work our health + wellness business completely from social media and LOVE every minute of it!!

Right now, I can show you how to do what I do to earn an income from anywhere… and get started for only $20 

I only have a few of these discount codes available! If you’re interested, shoot me a message with the word “CODE” and I’ll get you your discount! read more

How to Prepare for Natural Childbirth: Is a Home Birth Right for Me?

Have you ever thought about having a natural birth… but you were a little intimidated or weren’t really sure how to prepare? ?‍♀️


I’m sharing some of the Benefits of a Natural Birth and why I chose to have a home birth ?


When people learn that I have had both of my babies without medication (and am currently planning my third home birth), I usually get a few different reactions… read more