Vitamins For Kids

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Aidalyn's Vitamins

Vitamins For Kids

I started giving Aidalyn vitamins around 14 months. When I weaned her, I felt like I should start supplementing her daily vitamins and minerals. I started with a chew-able whole food multivitamin and chocolate cream gel fermented cod liver oil from Green Pastures. (She still gets both of these every day). She really loves the chocolate flavor and thinks it is a treat every morning.


I like the cod liver oil & butter blend, because I read about how the extra vitamins from the grass-fed butter helps with teeth and bone development. Dr.Westin Price talks about how healthy teeth really come from a healthy diet full of  healthy fat, pastured raised meat, grassfed dairy products, fermented foods, fresh fruits and vegetables. More on how diet is tied to your teeth from Butter Nutrition. 

I also try to give her a probiotic supplement, because having a healthy gut is tied so closely to your immune system. I have a powdered probiotic from my naturopath that I can add to her sippy cup pretty easily. She eats a lot of yogurt with live bacteria strands as well.

My chiropractor recommended giving extra calcium when fighting infections or dealing with fevers. When the body is fighting an infection, calcium is released from the bones. By supplementing with calcium, you can ensure that they body won’t be depleted of this mineral.

Aidalyn is a pretty picky 3 year old eater right now. She used to eat anything and everything. When she realized she was an independent person, this was one thing she tightened her control reigns on. I feel like by using whole food vitamins I’m able to help her get some of the vitamins that she isn’t getting in her diet on a daily basis. She is a very healthy kiddo. I think she has been sick maybe 3 times her whole life. I think part of that has to be tied to her diet and nutrition.

I am probably going to try my hand at making my own gummy vitamins soon. I know she would love those.

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What are the vitamins you give your kids?

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    • From left to right: calcium & trace minerals from my chiropractor (Dr.Eric Snow), then Green Pastures cod liver oil, then Animal Parade whole food vitamin. We also give her a probiotic we got from CVS – it isn’t perfect, but we are using it for now.

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