Fermented foods and why they are good for you

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Fermented Foods and Why They are good for You

What are fermented foods?

Yogurt, grass-fed cheese, pickles, sauerkraut, fermented bread like sourdough, kombucha, kefir, kimchi, olives all are traditionally fermented foods.

Modern companies have found ways to cut down on the fermentation process by use of chemicals and vinegars, thus removing the beneficial factors of fermented foods. Olives are now treated with a lye solution then packed in a salt solution when canned instead of going through the fermentation process. So even if you are eating pickles on your hamburger, you probably aren’t getting the added benefits (besides commercial pickles usually have added preservatives) . Yogurt is usually low fat and loaded with sugar (two things that make it a very unhealthy option).

We can find a good quality full fat greek yogurt these days with live probiotics in them. We add fruit to it ourselves for a little sweetness.

A bottle of kombucha, flavoured with fermented...

What are the benefits of fermentation?

By eating fermented foods we are naturally adding good bacterial into our system – a traditional probiotic. I have mentioned before the added benefits of probiotics for strengthening our immune systems and keeping our gut healthy.

Eating fermented foods improves digestion, helps decrease the phytates in foods that prevent nutrients from being absorbed (soaking grains anyone?), adds nutrients to the food, helps us absorb more nutrients from the other foods eaten with it.

And a little goes a long way with fermented foods! You can use them as a condiment and get the beneficial properties.

Since most commercial brands are speeding up the process of fermentation, look for all natural brands or make it yourself! My sister has made homemade pickles before and both of us have made our own yogurt using a crockpot.

Fermented milk products OSM Sanok (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is pretty neat when you can make something at home that you thought you could only buy.

At our local farmer’s market the drink Bonte is sold which is a homemade kombucha drink sold in a ton of tasty sounding flavors.


Another easy way to get in your probiotics is drinking Greens that contains the probiotic Lactospore. It is so easy to add into your day, I love it!


What are your favorite fermented foods and how are you eating them?


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  1. Hmmm. You’ve got me thinking! i do eat a lot of yogurt, and I love greek yogurt above all. I buy good quality and really don’t find it expensive given how versatile a food it is, but I’ve also been thinking about making my own. I used to…and just got lazy! I love olives and sauerkraut, too, but just didn’t think of these as fermented! Of course they are…I want to think about this a bit more, and see what else I might add to my diet! Thank you! Debra

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