6 Ways to Save Money on Valentine’s Day

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6 Ways to Save Money on Valentine's DayWays to Save Money on Valentine’s Day

Here are 6 Ways to Save Money this Valentine’s Day without feeling like a cheapskate. Valentine’s Day is not one of my favorite holidays… but it is never a bad thing to recognize the ones you love and let them know in some special way. When you are trying to save money, sometimes you feel pressure to spend more than you really should. Remember that expensive gifts don’t equal more love. You will show love to your husband more by staying on budget than a fancy new watch. 

6 Ways to Save Money on Valentine’s Day


1) Split baby sitting cost with other couples. 

Hire 1-2 baby sitters to watch several kids at one house. Let them have a pizza and movie night while all the parents get to go out on date. Leave craft supplies for older kids to work on their own Valentine’s day cards to keep them busy.

2) Find free things to do in your town.

We have an art museum here in Richmond that is free every day to the public. It is romantic to walk around (and pretend like you are more cultured that you really are.) Most larger cites will have a website that list free ideas to do in town. One idea is to go to a local park and walk hand in hand depending on weather. Go to a nice shopping center and window shop. 

3) Go out to lunch instead of dinner

Lunch prices are normally cheaper than dinner and sometimes restaurants have lunch specials. If you kids are older, you don’t even have to pay for baby sitting because they are still in school. 

4) Make a meal at home more special

Steak and seafood is much cheaper when you prepare it yourself. This is my preferred plan. Eat somewhere different in your house. Have a picnic in the den, or in front of the fireplace. Light a candle. Put flower petals on the table. Share dessert. 

5) Celebrate late

Valentine’s day is on a Friday this year. Traditionally, you can save money by celebrating later – maybe even the following weekend. Flowers are cheaper (I know this from working in a Florist shop for a few years). All chocolate and themed gifts are discounted. Restaurants aren’t crowded. It can be the perfect night for love.

6) Rethink your gifts

Valentine’s gift prices aren’t a status of how much you love someone.  A price tag doesn’t define something’s value. Think about your significant other and what would really make them feel special. Do they value a laugh? or a memory? Just taking the time to plan a special night could be all the gift they need. For me, just some quality time away from the kids would be the best gift ever. 

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How to do save money on Valentine’s Day? What are your favorite Valentine’s Day gifts that are inexpensive?

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