7 Habits That Are Killing Your Metabolism

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Did you know we all have HABITS that are killing our metabolism?

I’m going to give you some tips about how to rev up your metabolism naturally!

What’s so important about that is that whenever your metabolism is burning… so are your calories – that means that you’ll be hitting your goal faster.

Hopefully some of these habits will stick for you! When you change your daily habits… you change your life!

Eat Low Carb at Breakfast

What should you eat right when you wake up sends that signal to your body about what to use for fuel.

Our body can burn sugar and carbs for energy… but they can also burn fat and protein!

It’s really important first thing whenever you break your fast (breakfast!) whenever it’s breakfast and some of us it’s 11:00 – that needs to be healthy fat and protein.

Whatever you choose to eat! Eggs are really good. I like these little sausage balls that have a sausage and almond flour and cheese in them.

Whatever you choose to eat first that signals to your body. You eat either help your metabolism or hurt your metabolism. So make sure that whatever you eat is healthy fats and protein so that it fuels your metabolism and keeps you in fat burning mode.

Move More.

The next thing people are telling me that “I’m too tired to exercise.”

One of the reasons why we might feel tired is because sitting all day (if you have a desk job) slows down your metabolism. One way to fire up your metabolism is just to get up and move around!

Take 10 minutes every hour to get up and move!

I have a Fitbit that keeps me on track of how many steps I have taken for the day, but it also reminds me to get up and move about 10 minutes to the hour.

Lift Heavy Things

A Lot of women, when we do go to the gym – we avoid lifting weights and cardio instead. We want to run, do the treadmill, spin classes and we avoid weight lifting.

One secret that I learned to burn more fat whenever you’re at the gym is actually to lift more weights!

It doesn’t have to be anything crazy but just add more resistance. If you are somebody who loves working out at the gym, make sure that you add that tension.

You want to build muscle because the more lean muscle mass you have the higher your basal metabolic rate will be which means the more calories you will burn everyday just being here.

Just make sure that you aren’t avoiding that strength training – and that you challenge yourself to the next time you go to the gym. Find a class that does maybe a combination of both weightlifting and some aerobic type exercises… That would really get the most bang for your buck and boost metabolism for you.

Eat More Protein

For a long time… I just didn’t eat enough protein…

I didn’t really know the power of eating protein… how it helps you build lean muscles but it also keeps you full longer.

But also when you eat protein throughout the day… You don’t have those sugar crashes and you stay full longer!

It really is easy to add protein into your day. Here are some great tips to check out.

Get More Sleep

I’m a mom with a with a newborn… this is something that a lot of moms share about.

We don’t get enough sleep!!!

..and it’s not because we don’t want to sleep, haha. Most the time, it’s because our crazy kids!

Every time you don’t sleep enough, it sends a signal to your stress hormones… so it slows down your metabolism.

If you have too much stress and lack of sleep then you’re you’re going to store more fat in your belly and have more difficulty losing weight.

Drink Enough Water

Sometimes I forget to drink…

I’m going all over the place and I’m doing all this stuff and then I’m like

“oh my gosh, I am so thirsty!”

and I’ll drink like two big glasses of water, haha.

…but it would be better if I would break it up throughout the day. Every time you drink water and your metabolism it just shows that your body has with it it needs.


There are things in your life there like stressing you out…

Think about different ways you can relax more… maybe drinking a cup of coffee or reading a great book – just having a little me time.

Have your “me time” because that’s going to help you lower your cortisol levels and help with your metabolism.

You’ll feel better and that stress hormone will be lower – and you can burn more calories with a healthy metabolism.

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