Melted Crayon Halloween Pumpkin

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This melted crayon Halloween pumpkin is great for your family if you want to decorate a pumpkin without the mess of carving.

‘Tis the season for all Fall Crafts! 

And of course when the leaves start dropping… It’s Pumpkin Time! 


I personally love finding cute ways to decorate pumpkins that don’t involve carving… 

When you carve a pumpkin, it gets MESSY – Plus I just get nervous with the kids around sharp objects lol.


This is a SUPER cute idea that will give you a unique pumpkin + PLUS use all those broken crayons you have laying around your craft room.


If you want a HACK to help your pumpkin stay cute all season long, check out three tips to help your pumpkin last.


How to make a Melted Crayon Halloween Pumpkin


First gather all your broken crayons.

Wipe down your Pumpkin (we used Tea Tree Oil to clean and kill any germs)

Then we laid the crayons on top of the pumpkin.

When we turned on the hair dryer – the crayons FLEW!


PRO TIP: We used a glue stick to glue the crayons in place – just to give the crayons a little more stability.


It took less than 10 minutes to melt the crayons, some melted faster than others! You can use the hair dryer to direct where the melted wax is going to flow.


After the crayons were melted and dried, the girls hot glued some googly eyes and drew a silly face on the pumpkin.


From the top, you can see all the melted crayon colors! It looks so fun and cute! 


Here is our silly melted crayon pumpkin welcoming all our visitors this fall!


Hope your family has a happy and healthy Halloween!

For MORE awesome tips to help your family stay healthy through & Have a Healthy Halloween — Click here for Recipes and Tips! 


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