Episode 33: How To Engage With Your Audience Online To Build Connections

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As you are building an audience…

How do you build that connection that will lead them to know like and trust you – so then they will buy from you?

I see so many people trying to build an audience online, but they are doing it the wrong way.

They are leading with hype… or just copying and pasting.. or worst it’s all “Buy My Stuff” posts.

Focus on Your Own Personal Branding

Be the best version of YOU! – You will attract people who are in alignment with what you stand for and what your message is.

Share your values, your dreams, what you believe it.

Share what makes you laugh, what makes you cry, what makes you angry.

Use Authentic Storytelling

People hate being sold, but they love hearing stories. Think about how you can tell the story behind your business and products.

What makes you different?

Why do you use these products?

How do they make you feel?

Your ideal person is someone who is just a few steps behind you.

Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing is all about how to attract your ideal customer to you – by giving them what they are already looking for.


How to Build an Audience Online To Build Connections

Listen to learn different ways you can do that across social media!

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The Family Hustle Podcast

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Attraction Marketing Boot Camp

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