DIY Pom Pom Rug

This DIY Pom Pom Rug is a super for activity for your crafty kids who love to make special creations for their rooms. So grab your glue gun and some fun yarn colors and let’s make something together!

How to Make: DIY Pom Pom Rug

We are back to school! I don’t know about your kids, but mine LOVE doing crafts together.

I had some yarn left over from when I was trying to learn to crochet. The girls had this great idea to make a rug out of yarn Pom Poms {How fun!!}

I said – Let’s do this! It was super easy and fun for the whole family!! You can pick whatever colors you want to use too read more

20 Proven Ways to Save $100 TODAY!

How much impact does $100 make in your budget? Here are 20 Proven Ways to Save $100 TODAY!

For many people I speak to who want to start their own business or begin some other new project, finding a small amount of start up capital is a stumbling block! Before I started my own business, a $100 was a BIG amount in my head – so I totally get it!

I spent some time talking with other business leaders and friends who came up with creative ways to get that first $100, and here they are for you! I hope you find them helpful!

20 Ways to Save $100

Garage Sale – This is what many people think of, and there’s a reason! All of us have things sitting around the house collecting dust that likely have value to someone! Have a quick garage sale and you’ll often have more than $100!

Craigslist – Selling online has rarely been any easier than just listing on Craigslist! This is best for lower end type products and services, so don’t expect top dollar and potentially having to haggle.

Sell Blood and/or Plasma – If you are in good health, you can often make some quick cash by selling plasma at a plasma center and make $20-$30 a visit and you can donate up to 2 times a week! Sometimes there’s even a new customer signup bonus!

Drive for Uber/Lyft – I LOVE Ridesharing, my family and I have used it quite often. It’s basically a chance to use your own car to give a lift to someone who needs it for a fee. You get paid quickly, and if you put in the hours you can really bring in some fast cash!

Sell an old Smartphone/Tablet – A service like Gazelle is great for quickly getting cash for a retired smartphone that still works and it’s super easy!

Consignment Stores – If you have some nicer items that you think have some value, this can be a great option to generate cash for yourself! This is especially good if your items are children’s or women’s clothing, higher end toys, etc.

Return Something – If you have some recently purchased items that you have never actually used, consider returning them! Sometimes that will generate your $100 right there 🙂

Selling Handmade Crafts – If you already do crafts, you may be able to sell enough to generate $100 pretty quickly from your supply on a site like Etsy.

Share Your Home – If you are comfortable with it, you can generate quick cash by renting out a spare bedroom, basement, garage apartment, etc. This is especially lucrative if you live in an more expensive area and attractive to tourists.

Rent out Your Garage – If you have some garage space, you can likely offer to house someone’s car or boat for them easily getting you your $100.

Baby Sitting – I’m amazed at how much a good babysitter is worth nowadays! Do a good job, build up some referrals and you can generate cash quickly this way!

Yard Work – Especially for guys this can be attractive. Most people HATE cutting their grass. Do a good job and make the price right and you can have $100 in just a few yard cuts.

House/Pet Sitting – You can usually check  Craigslist or local facebook groups for people who travel often and need someone to keep an eye on their home, feed their pets, etc.

Photography – If you are a decent amateur photographer, you can make some quick cash by doing inexpensive photo sessions for friends or other contacts. Just don’t tackle a big event like a wedding without having some experience first (you only get 1 shot at those type of photos!).

Join a Focus Group – Local universities, research groups, and marketing companies often will pay a fee for a few hours of your time to test out a new product, give feedback, etc. Check with your local university and craigslist to see what’s out there!

Wash, Wax, and Detail Cars – If you like cleaning cars (while most of us HATE IT), then you can be a mobile car wash!

Setting Up Holiday Decorations – Again, some people love to do this, and others HATE putting up Christmas lights. If you can be careful and detailed saving someone time can be valuable to them!

Tutor – If you are strong in certain subjects, you can often make $30/Hour tutoring Math, Science, Testing, etc.

Teaching Music read more

Top 12 Posts of January

healthy recipes, homeschool crafts, natural health

Top 12 Posts of January

I hope you have been enjoying 2014 as much as we have. In Richmond, we have had two snows already! This Louisiana girl can’t contain her excitement. We started off the new year with a challenge for 2014 to be the best year for your health in our New You New Years Series. In the series I covered several health topics each week for baby steps for slowing moving toward a healthier lifestyle.

Top Health Posts of January:

Glucomannan: The New Secret for Weight loss?

What your Poop is Telling You  10 Keys to Detox  

trim healthy mama recipes, easy trim healthy recipes, easy recipes, sugar free recipes, sugar free chocolate recipes

Top Recipes of January:

Sugar free Calming Hot Chocolate   (FP)

Sugar Free Hot Chocolate Mousse (FP)

Apple Oatmeal Cream Pies {Sugar Free, Low Fat, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Egg Free, Dairy Free} (E)

Trim and Healthy Biscuits and Sausage Gravy {Grain Free, Gluten Free} (S)

Peanut Butter Crunch Chocolate Cake for One {Gluten Free, Grain Free, Sugar Free} (S)

Iced Chocolate Chip Cookie for One {Gluten Free, Grain Free, Sugar Free} read more

5 Best Gifts: Craft Kits for Toddlers

Christmas gifts, crafts, toddlers

Christmas is almost here

and everyone is making lists for toys and gifts to get their kids. Here is a list of my pick of Craft Kits that I know would be so much fun for the little toddler in your family. 

These Craft kits are also good for learning and creativity. So instead of a new toy, think about getting your toddler some art supplies or one of these all in one craft kits. I know Aidalyn loves working on crafts on a rainy day or when we are having a slow morning. 

1). Sticky Mosaics:

Craft Mosaics

You can purchase here:


These mosaic sticky crafts are great for matching shapes and colors, plus following simple directions. You end with a pretty colorful piece of art that you can hang on a wall. They are sturdy and really a great activity! Aidalyn loves these so much! 

2) Do a Dot Markers

Do A Dot Markers

Purchase here:  

I’m not sure a toddler’s art supplies can be complete without Do-A-Dot markers. They are so wonderful! Aidalyn loves the Do A Dot Art Markers and I love that she can play with them virtually mess free! We bought a coloring book to go with the markers: Tales of the Mermaid Do-a-Dot Creative Activity Book The colors are so pretty and bold. They also are labeled really well for sight word recognition. 

3) Paper Bag Puppets

Paper Bag Puppets

Purchase here:  

Creating Paper Bag animal puppets is a wonderful activity for language development and following directions. I can just see Aidalyn telling wild, imaginative stories using the paper bag puppets. So much fun to decorate and put them together, then you can play for hours after. 

4) Tissue Art

Tissue Art

Purchase here:

We bought this for Aidalyn and I think her favorite part is putting on the googly eyes. She loved the tissue art so much, I bought just a pack of tissue to play with and contact paper. 

5) Giant Busy Box Giant Busy Box

Purchase here: 

This set is much larger and has 16 activities in one box. Tons of learning opportunities. If you wanted an all in one set, this would be the way to go. It’s on sale right now (November) and seems like a great deal!

I hope the toddler in your life is ready to get creative and start exploring the little artist inside. 

banner*** This post contains affiliate links. Your price stays the same, but I get a small commission for referring you that helps me keep this site running. These are all products that we love and play with all the time. I hope you enjoy them as well.