Why you Should Travel with Young Kids

Adam and I love to travel! In our first five years of marriage, we had traveled to New York, Hong Kong, Paris, Rome, San Antonio, Atlanta, New Orleans… we LOVED every minute of it!

travel with kids

(I was actually pregnant when we were in Paris)

So when we became parents… we had to decide should we still travel??? (or could we???) 

We didn’t have a lot of vacation days to work with, and we didn’t have a lot of disposable income either. But it really was something that we wanted to do more of and experience with our girls, it was a question of how we could do that. read more

Why it should rain on your Wedding Day

Is it bad luck to rain on your wedding day? I’m not sure I can believe that… it rained on our wedding day and here is what happened.

Angela of Grassfed Mama shares healthy tips for busy moms.
Angela of Grassfed Mama shares healthy tips for busy moms.

Adam and I were married young O.o 

I didn’t realllllly realize how young we were at the time lol but I was 19 and he was 21. We had been together for one year when we got engaged and then were married a year later.

and we were in love.

wedding day

I’m sure that there were plenty of people who didn’t think that getting married young was a good idea… but I’m happy to report that we are going to be celebrating our 12 year anniversary in May!!! read more

Pool Safety Tips for New Parents

Pool Safety Tips For New Parents!

Congratulations! You just had your first baby. It’s a proud moment, isn’t it? There will now be a range of bonding and exploring adventures awaiting you with your newborn. One of the most fun – introducing your baby to the pool. Here are a few safety tips for that first experience with the water:

Prepare for the pool. The first thing to do is get ready with the practical details. There are a number of items to remember:

  • Try to go out to the pool after your baby has taken care of her “business,” to limit accident possibilities.
  • Wear approved infant pool diapers, because not all accidents can be predicted or avoided.
  • Limit time outdoors – usually under 30 minutes, so the baby doesn’t get overexposed to the sun.
  • Dress your baby in long sleeved clothes, and have her wear a hat, to minimize that sun exposure.
  • Avoid being out at the pool between 10 AM and 4 PM, when the ultraviolet rays are the strongest.
  • read more

    How to keep Growing in Life

    How to keep growing in life

    How to keep growing and to have life among the growing.

    Life Among the Growing…. What does that actually mean to me?

    This phrase really speaks to me deeply in several ways.

    First, I think about how I want to be continually growing into a better person with each day and opportunity I get. If you aren’t moving forward, you are moving backwards. If you aren’t growing, you are dying. 

    This is in my personal life as a wife and mom. In my spiritual life, I want to continually study and grow in God’s words.

    Secondly, I think about my little girls. I love life with them as I get to watch them grow. Time flies by so quickly and I’m blessed that I am able to stay home with them in this fleeting stage.

    Thirdly, I like to think about life. What is happening in my life and around me. What am I learning these days?

    What are some ways that we can continue to grow and not become stagnant? 

    1) Try something new.

    Visit a new town, a new restaurant, a new museum.

    2) Read a book.

    How many books have you read recently? I prefer nonfiction for sure, but last summer I got into some mystery novels that were fun to read as well.

    3) Learn a new skill.

    Always wanted to know how to fix something by yourself or understand how something works? Find out!

    4) Be around others who are growing.

    Proverbs 13:20 Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm. read more

    Teachable Moments: Frozen Bible Study

    Do you kids love the movie “Frozen” by Disney as much as my girls? There was a time when we watched this movie twice a day! I decided there were a lot of teachable moments inside the Frozen movie so I created this Bible Study based on the Frozen Movie by Disney. Enjoy!

    Angela of Grassfed Mama shares healthy tips for busy moms.
    Angela of Grassfed Mama shares healthy tips for busy moms.


    Teachable Moments: Frozen Bible Study

    Frozen is the latest animated film from Disney Studios. Here is a simple Bible Study to go along with our new favorite movie, Frozen. If you have watched the recent movie, you may see that there are a lot of teachable moments in the film to talk about fear and love and their powers in our lives. We have enjoyed watching this movie (over and over) with our daughters and learning about fear and love. read more

    Honest Pictures: Exhibit A Monday

    Honest Pictures

     Honest Pictures: Exhibit A Monday

    I am not perfect! I will be the first person to tell you that I am not a good house keeper. I hate cleaning, but I like having a clean house. This problem didn’t seem to matter before kids. Once we threw a few kids in the mix, keeping the house picked up became a bigger challenge.

    Here is the evidence

    Messy living room… toys thrown around. We got in last night and didn’t bother picking up before bed. IMG_4644

    Our child has poop issues… So the lesson of the week: Everyone Poops! 

    Our messy kitchen counter… Dishes are clean because my hubby is awesome! But clutter is starting to take over!!! It was clean two days ago. 
    IMG_4649 read more

    5 Best Gifts: Craft Kits for Toddlers

    Christmas gifts, crafts, toddlers

    Christmas is almost here

    and everyone is making lists for toys and gifts to get their kids. Here is a list of my pick of Craft Kits that I know would be so much fun for the little toddler in your family. 

    These Craft kits are also good for learning and creativity. So instead of a new toy, think about getting your toddler some art supplies or one of these all in one craft kits. I know Aidalyn loves working on crafts on a rainy day or when we are having a slow morning. 

    1). Sticky Mosaics:

    Craft Mosaics

    You can purchase here:


    These mosaic sticky crafts are great for matching shapes and colors, plus following simple directions. You end with a pretty colorful piece of art that you can hang on a wall. They are sturdy and really a great activity! Aidalyn loves these so much! 

    2) Do a Dot Markers

    Do A Dot Markers

    Purchase here:  

    I’m not sure a toddler’s art supplies can be complete without Do-A-Dot markers. They are so wonderful! Aidalyn loves the Do A Dot Art Markers and I love that she can play with them virtually mess free! We bought a coloring book to go with the markers: Tales of the Mermaid Do-a-Dot Creative Activity Book The colors are so pretty and bold. They also are labeled really well for sight word recognition. 

    3) Paper Bag Puppets

    Paper Bag Puppets

    Purchase here:  

    Creating Paper Bag animal puppets is a wonderful activity for language development and following directions. I can just see Aidalyn telling wild, imaginative stories using the paper bag puppets. So much fun to decorate and put them together, then you can play for hours after. 

    4) Tissue Art

    Tissue Art

    Purchase here:

    We bought this for Aidalyn and I think her favorite part is putting on the googly eyes. She loved the tissue art so much, I bought just a pack of tissue to play with and contact paper. 

    5) Giant Busy Box Giant Busy Box

    Purchase here: 

    This set is much larger and has 16 activities in one box. Tons of learning opportunities. If you wanted an all in one set, this would be the way to go. It’s on sale right now (November) and seems like a great deal!

    I hope the toddler in your life is ready to get creative and start exploring the little artist inside. 

    banner*** This post contains affiliate links. Your price stays the same, but I get a small commission for referring you that helps me keep this site running. These are all products that we love and play with all the time. I hope you enjoy them as well.