Frozen? What’s Your Metabolism Telling You?

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Are you Freezing?

What’s Your Metabolism Telling You?

I used to be cold All.The.Time. My hands and feet would be freezing and ice to the touch. I would have to carry a sweater around with me even in the summer because I couldn’t tolerate the cold in restaurants. This is not a healthy sign. What’s your metabolism telling you?

Your metabolism is your inner fuel burner. It is a pretty smart mechanism that will adjust based on how much it needs to burn or if it needs to reserve energy.  When you are eating the right about of calories and nutrients, your metabolism will be a fire house. However, if you start to reduce your calories or eat low nutrient foods, your metabolism will dial back and slow down. Think about a bear going into hibernation. The bear’s metabolism slows way down to conserve all the energy to make it through the winter. We don’t want to be a bear in hibernation.

Your basal metabolic rate (or BMR) burns 60-75% of the calories you need every day. If you can speed up your metabolism, you can also speed up weight loss.

Are You Frozen?

If you are constantly cold and had poor circulation in your hands and feet, it could be your metabolism telling you to eat. By reducing your body’s basal temperature, your body reserves energy. You can test your basal body temperature with a simple and cheap thermometer you can pick up at any drug store. To test, you take your temperature as soon as you wake up while still lying down every morning. This is a common practice for women who follow natural birth control options and chart their basal body temperatures.

Ideally, your basal body temperature should be at or above 97.8. When I was charting my basal body temperature trying to get pregnant, I had some mornings when my temperature would be at 96 something… that is a slow metabolism. I was pretty thin at the time because I was on a caloric restrictive diet trying to sway for a girl. 

Metabolism is also important for your health. Life the Natural Way tells us that people with higher metabolism had fewer instances of illness.

Some signs of a slow metabolism include:

Feeling cold

Slow to lose weight

Easy to gain weight

Hair loss

Low libido

Hair loss

Sugar Cravings


Feeling Tired

Low Basal Body Temperature

Dry skin and brittle nails

Actions that Slow Your Metabolism

Lack of sleep

Not eating enough

Over Exercising

Eating low fat

Not eating enough carbs

Being stressed

Being deficient in vitamins and minerals (Iodine, Magnesium, Vitamin B complex and Vitamin D)


Diet and Metabolism

Since starting Trim Healthy Mama I can tell that my metabolism is much much healthier than before.

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7 Ways to Speed Up Your metabolism

Are you always freezing? Do you think your metabolism is to blame?


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