Do you have a Pulsatilla baby?

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Do you have a Pulsatilla Baby?


What is Pulsatilla anyways?

Pulsatilla is a type of homeopathic medicine that is made from the pulsatilla flower.

What is homeopathy? 

“the treatment of disease by minute doses of natural substances that in a healthy person would produce symptoms of disease.”

Homeopathic tablets or pellets are usually use in homeopathic medicine. I like the Hyland’s brand because the tablets dissolve very quickly and are easy to give to babies and kids.

Homeopathic tablets are safe for the whole family. I started giving Aidalyn chamomilla tablets around 2 months of age.


Pulsatilla Personalities

Pulsatilla types are the happiest babies and people when they are around others. This baby “is sweet, clingy, cuddly, needy, demanding of attention and affection, and easily changing from tears to smiles when comforted”

This is how I would describe my Pulsatilla Baby:

– Always wants to be held by mommy

– So so happy to be around others (doesn’t like to be alone)

– Stops crying immediately when picked up and changed to big smiles

– Seems more needy at night


Do you have a Pulsatilla Baby?


We have been dealing with a teething baby for the past 6 weeks. In those 6 weeks she has had 5 teeth break through… not fun for baby or mommy!

I have been using my natural teething tool kit.  However, I was using the wrong homeopathic tablet for her!

Aidalyn (my first) was a chamomilla baby, so the Hyland’s teething tablets worked really well for her. Annaleigh is a pulsatilla baby, so I need to use those tablets for her.


Do you use homeopathics for your babies? Do you have any homeopathics that are your favorite to use?


Read more from Mommypotamus here about using pulsatilla for teething babies.

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  1. I just received my Pulsatilla 30c package. I am fairly convinced I have a Pulsatilla baby and am praying this might help her settle and sleep better. How do you administer the Pulstilla for your babies? Crush up the tablet and place on the tongue? Full tablet under the tongue? Dissolve in water? I’ve seen multiple methods online. Thank you!

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