What to Look at FIRST Reading Nutrition Labels

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Have you ever been at the grocery store and spent hours reading label after label trying to figure out WHAT SHOULD I EAT!?!

It can be confusing, right? 


There is so much information out there about what is healthy…

What should we even look at when reading a nutrition label?


I’m going to make it SUPER simple for you and give you the very first thing that I look at when reading labels.

This will probably eliminate a lot of foods that aren’t healthy – and save you time reading the rest of the label – haha.


Watch: What I look at when Reading Nutrition Labels


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What tips do you have for reading nutrition labels? Drop your tips below!


P.S. One really simple idea at the grocery store is to shop the perimeter. There won’t even be nutrition labels on those foods! When I started eating healthier, that was the very first move I made.

Here is to your health!

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