How to Attract MORE Leads: Inbound Vs Interruption Marketing

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Would you like people to start searching for solutions and help and find YOU?? That’s how inbound marketing works! Let’s dive in to learn more about how you can start using inbound vs interruption marketing works to grow your business.

The Family Hustle: Make an Impact Online
The Family Hustle: Make an Impact Online

How to Attract MORE Leads: Inbound Vs Interruption Marketing


Did you know there are different types of marketing? And frankly the number of options out there can be completely overwhelming!

Some can actually bring leads to you who are ready to buy what you are offering… but how do those people even find you?? 

So let’s talk about it today on the Family Hustle Podcast!

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Attraction Marketing Boot Camp
Attraction Marketing Boot Camp

Inbound vs Interruption Marketing

Are you ready to stop having to chase after people only to realize they’re even interested in what you have to offer? you spend months trying to build report and get to know them, and then they never seem interested in buying?

What if you could attract your ideal customer to you, and have been reaching out for more information about your business when you have offere?

If that sounds like something you want more info on how you can put it into practice. Join our Attraction Marketing Bootcamp, or we take five days to dig deep into discover what your ideal customer wants and how you can be the most attractive to them through branding and developing a customer journey over the five days you’ll have worksheets and videos to guide you through this self study.

So as an example, I had a friend reach out to me who’s in kind of a cooking MLM. And so she was asking me I really want this to be bigger. I want to make an impact I want this to be bigger than just selling things What do you recommend because she knows that I’m all about attraction marketing and she obviously knows about my blog and my personal brand. And so she wanted tips on how to get started.

So what I was telling her about is what I would start with is a Facebook group, don’t worry about a Facebook page a business page because the only way you’re going to get seen, even if people like it is if you pay for ads Believe me, I have a Facebook business page and I do run ads, and the only way that my posts are getting seen by anyone, honestly is, if I pay for it so I told her if you really want to build a community, let’s do it through a Facebook group. And then she was asking like how do I get people in the group.

Obviously you’ve seen it, you’ve probably been added to a Facebook group without being asked. So if you wanted to start, I might would ask a couple close friends I can start a new Facebook group it’s all about this, it’s all about helping you cook healthier at home. It’s all about helping you live a healthy lifestyle with simple healthy swaps, you know, and so would you do you want to be a part of my community. And so you can you can ask people, that is probably the easiest way to get the first 25 people in there.

The second thing I would do and this is what I was encouraging her to do is create some sort of freebie to have in that Facebook group that helps solve the problem. And the way that people are going to get that freebie, maybe it’s a PDF.

Maybe it’s five of your best recipes, maybe it’s smoothie recipes maybe it is like a five day, basic cooking example sort of thing, you know you can think of whatever fits into your brand what is one problem that you can solve, very quickly, with a freebie and you put it inside the group. Then you promote and you advertise you start making videos you start making posts and you just say like hey if you want more of this I just created. I just launched my very own Facebook group you can have a link in that post that they can request to join and you can talk about what is the freebie that’s being offered in that group so you have people asking to be a part of your Facebook group.

And so this is a way that you can start building that community start building that place where you are the authority, you’re showing up as the person who owns the group and you’re going to start pouring into these people, and solving a specific problem, where they are there to learn about, and then to grow beyond that you could do giveaways you could do incentives for people to share it on their wall, different things like that to where you can grow it organically through referrals.

But that probably be the first step that I would start to start growing that personal brand on Facebook, just maybe that’s where you’re already hanging out, but a Facebook group is a really great way to bring people together who are trying to work on a common issue a common problem where you can be the authority that shows up through live video through post just you know long form posts you can share your blog post in there you can share your podcast episodes in there, um, however you are giving value to share it in that group and these people are primed to learn from you and then through learning from you, they’ll be primed to also buy whatever products you have to offer as well connected to your network marketing company so I hope that this helped and helped you understand what I would recommend I did what I do to kind of use an umbrella brand and use your network marketing products and services to actually monetize and help you make money as part of your umbrella.

The Family Hustle: Make an Impact Online
The Family Hustle: Make an Impact Online

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