DIY Photo Gallery Wall

DIY Photo Gallery Wall

We are all about getting organized right now. Getting organized in 2014 was one of my goals for this year. This idea was one that we actually did 3 years ago in our house in Louisiana. We loved how this photo gallery wall turned out so well, we re-created it for our new house here in Virginia.


3 (or more) narrow ledge shelves. They will only need to be deep enough to hold a picture frame (ours are 3 inches). 10 or more picture frames (they can be the same color or use a general color scheme) When you are mounting your shelves, measure your largest frame you will use and then add some additional inches between your shelves. Our largest frame was 12 inches square, so we left 14 inches between shelves. When placing your pictures on the shelves, I like to use the biggest in the middle and use smaller pictures on the outsides. I also like the look of varying sizes from top to bottom, placing my largest pictures at the top. You can be creative and place the pictures where you like them the best.

What I love about my DIY Photo Gallery Wall

1) Easy to change I can easily change pictures in the frames and place them back on the shelve with little hassle. For Christmas, I was able to change the pictures to include older family Christmas pictures. Once the holiday season was over, I just changed the pictures back to the originals. I also keep my pictures in the frames that I rotate. So my 8×10 frames have about 3 pictures in each of them. If I’m ready for a new look, I’ll just rotate the pictures around, showing a new picture . 2) Less damage to walls When you are usually dealing with pictures, you are mounting individual frames on the wall and adding lots of holes in your walls. I like that once the shelves are placed, no more holes will be added. 3) Less clutter on tables I love having pictures around. I enjoy seeing pictures of my family and the girls. But… I also love less clutter overall. By putting the pictures on the wall, I have less clutter on my tables (easier to dust too). Here is a picture of my DIY Photo Gallery Wall at the top of my stairs: DIY Photo Gallery Wall

 What is your organization solution for your pictures?

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