A Baby Journal You Will Actually Use!

So be honest with me…

How many of you were actually good about putting things in your children’s “Baby Books”?

My eldest daughter Aidalyn found her baby book when were going through some things in her room, and she guilted me pretty hard on not having much of anything in it! Total #MomWin right there 

I love the idea of using a Baby book to remember things that I KNOW I’ll end up forgetting, but a written book just wasn’t cutting it for me. read more

How to Balance your Hormones Naturally

After I weaned my daughter, my hormones went CRAZY!

I’m so glad I knew about this and how I was able to manage my hormones naturally.

Watch my video to learn more:

I started using Estro-Rhythm and within THREE days I could tell a HUGE difference. My night sweats had stopped and I was beginning to feel normal again.

What is Estro Rhythm?

Estro Rhythm is the world’s first naturally based, single-use daily system for menopausal symptoms. Its superior formulation uses ingredients to help you get your rhythm back without the worries associated with synthetic solutions. read more

5 Tips to Lose Belly Fat

ditch your sugar cravings
ditch your sugar cravings

Here are 5 Tips to lose belly fat if you want to target your results and start losing weight.

All of us carry our weight differently.

I know that for me, I tend to gain weight below my waist first… but then slowly my waistline starts expanding too.


When I was pregnant… I developed diastasis recti (a gap between the abdomen muscles), I was limited to the exercises I could do to flatten my stomach. Then, with my second pregnancy my diastsis got worse… ouch!


I was beginning to lose my self confidence. My clothes didn’t fit exactly right. I didn’t feel like myself at all. read more

Why Your Story Matters

Have you ever thought to yourself…

“I’m nothing special.”

“What do I have to offer?”


I talk to so many people who don’t see the value they have and how they could make a difference for someone else. It may be as simple as sharing your story.


Did you know that your story matters?


There is someone who is looking for hope, who needs some inspiration, who wants to know that there is someone just like them who made it through.


All of us go through different trials or hurdles in our life that we have to overcome. There is no Testimony without a Test. 



We all have a story to share!


You are just one step ahead of someone who needs hope to keep walking.


When I was in graduate school for my speech therapy degree… I remember asking my friends who were a year ahead of me “Is there life after school??” “Will I make it through and will everything be okay??”


It sounds so silly… but during graduate school – I needed hope that things would be better and that I would actually have free time again, haha! It was the hardest 2 years of my education that I had to complete. We were asked to sacrifice, to push ourselves, to achieve more than ever before… and it was tiresome. I needed hope that season would end.


Another difficult time was when I was pregnant and dealing with gestational diabetes.

I remember sitting at the table and crying because I couldn’t eat anything “approved” without throwing up. I had severe food aversions with my first pregnancy and it was TOUGH!

That became part of my story because I found that I could survive… I could eat food that wouldn’t spike my blood sugar. I had hope to share with others.


Most recently, my story has been about starting something new.  Really pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Which sounds really exciting… but it isn’t easy.


What is your story?


Your story may be that you survived the terrible twos with your kids – and everyone lived! Your story may be that you were scared to try something new – but then learned that it wasn’t scary after all!


Turn your mess into your message. 


Are you ready to share your story with someone?


Your story (no matter how insignificant you may feel like it is) may be exactly what someone needs to hear today.


Your story matters!



Do you want to learn more about That Crazy Wrap Thing?

Have you seen our body wraps and just want to know more information?

Or maybe you are curious to see if you can really tighten and tone your skin at home??


Watch my video to learn more about that crazy wrap and how you can tighten and tone your skin in as little as 45 minutes:





Results typically lasts 2-6 months depending on your lifestyle – so I knew that if I kept eating healthy, my results would last a long time, and they did!


I was so excited to see definition on my stomach again! I could see all that work I was doing by staying active had paid off – and I was seeing my efforts! The wrap was able to enhance my healthy lifestyle. What this meant for me was that I was more motivated to stay on track – because I was seeing results quicker than before.


After I wrapped my stomach… I wanted to see what these would do for my legs. I still couldn’t wear about half of my pants from before pregnancy, so I was up for this test! I wrapped my legs, and in 24 hours I was back in all my smallest pants – this was crazy… I was excited and I just had to tell my sister lol. Those results lasted for months too!!


I was so pumped about my results and I found my confidence again. I was excited to get dressed up in my favorite clothes.


What I found was that, eating healthy and exercising were necessary, but they weren’t able to tighten my skin – and that’s exactly what I needed.


These wraps aren’t just for women. My dad had lost 50 pounds making healthier food choices, but he was left with a lot of extra skin. He slept in a wrap, and after 12 hours his results were jaw dropping! I couldn’t believe what I had my hands on – I wanted everyone to feel as great as I did. I just kept sharing about these results and it really did change our lives! (Read More of our Story Here)



Are you ready for your own results?


P.S. You can start a 90 day challenge with me and save 40% on all your orders! Just try just one wrap a week for 12 weeks and see what your results will be! Click Here to Start YOUR 90 Day Challenge




6 Tips To Getting Great Affordable Maternity Wear

What an exciting life for a lady during pregnancy, imagining the face of her baby. During pregnancy, most women want to look good with their maternity dress.



What is pregnancy for a woman?


While pregnant, you’ll be full of emotions, dreams and hopes that will make your days inspiring. Today, pregnancy doesn’t only mean that women will be confined at home taking care of their tummies. Modern women still keep themselves active while being pregnant, and do not confine at home.


But in doing this, they want to make sure that they don’t look awful. They choose quality and affordable maternity wear that makes them attractive even with big stomach. They want a kind of maternity wear that fits them comfortably, and makes them confident of their body shape.


How to choose the right maternity wear


Choosing the right maternity wear for first time mothers can be a bit taxing and confusing. What you need may be different from what you expect to see in clothing outlets. Your friends and family may have warned you about the problems that you might encounter in getting the appropriate dress.


* Remember that there are always solutions to your pregnancy needs. You can still maintain your personal taste and lifestyle in picking the right solutions. In fact, wearing affordable maternity wear throughout your pregnancy is the key to a fabulous and confident feeling.


* The first priority for pregnant women in buying maternity wear is avoiding health hazards. Don’t buy clothes that only fit you during the early stages of your pregnancy. Prefer loose clothing that can fit you up to the time of your delivery.


* Choose a maternity wear that is in excellent condition, without marks or stains, and must be freshly laundered.


* Look for a quality wear that is affordable, but don’t ever sacrifice the quality with a cheap price.


* For working mothers, they should have an eye for nice corporate items that can be matched with casual clothes. Pick a great collection of affordable maternity wear that fit you with a unique look.


* If you think that the clothes you have seen are too expensive, you can consider getting quality used clothing.


Wearing fashionable maternity dresses at work


Women can look their best even with big tummies at work by wearing fashionable maternity dresses. A dressy tunic coloured black or charcoal wear fitted on the shoulders can make a woman look polished at work. For a finishing touch, wearing a black jacket can make everything great. Another option is a sleeveless dress coloured black or grey. This can be layered with a jacket or add a scarf to liven it up.


Included in the list of stylish, yet affordable maternity wear in Australia is a slim-fitting skirt that comes in black or grey. You can pair it with a tunic or a twin set. If you’re not ready for loose clothing, you can wear black pants with a sweater or a jacket and T-shirt. However, make sure that it fits you well so that you can move freely, and the baby as well.


Preparing for your baby’s delivery


It’s practical to have your baby’s needs before delivery so that everything will be complete and organized. This will avoid confusion, rush errands and stress during your delivery.


* Prepare a nice room in your home for the new-born baby.


* Prepare the baby’s needs like basinet/cradle or crib, disposable diapers, bottles and nipples, brush for cleaning bottles, etc.


* Contact the hospital where you plan to deliver your baby.


* Choose a doctor for your baby.


* Prepare a tote or maternity bag to accommodate all your baby’s needs.


* Participate in a new-born care class and a breastfeeding session.


* Look for a cloth diaper service.


You can still wear your maternity wear right after delivery while resting at home. It will make you comfortable while in bed with your baby rather than tight casual wear.


How to face the challenges of pregnancy


The challenge: Your figure has grown enough in some places that the clothes you used to wear don’t fit anymore. However, you find out that most maternity dresses contain too much fabric unfit for your growing tummy.


What to do: Buy one of the stretchy bands that you can find in maternity shops. It can be a Belly Band that you fit above your jeans which you can leave out unbuttoned or unzipped. This band will hold your pants up, without giving any sign that they are unbuttoned. In this case, you can use a rubber band tied on the button and the buttonhole for the same purpose or you can find cheap maternity jeans online if you do a quick research.

The challenge: You’re becoming worried about an overall thickening ‘though you have no cute bump yet.


What to do: Don’t wear clothes that are too tight or you’ll look like a sausage placed in a tight casing. Avoid wearing tops that look like a tent and are too billowy as well. Look for those pieces of affordable maternity wear that flow gracefully on your the extra pounds below while still attaining a bit of shape. You can have tunics as a great option.  When fitted over your shoulders and arms, it will flow gracefully towards the middle portion, disguising your extra weight.


Tips for women who want to conceal their pregnancy


Let’s face it; there are women who want to hide their growing secret until such time that they are visible. Some of them probably want to surprise their friends and colleagues, while others are still confused about their status. Whatever reason they have, they can do something to relax their minds by following the tips below:


* Keep your pregnancy under wraps.


* Set aside anything that may be too tight or clingy for your stomach. Put some silhouettes going over your belly, thighs and hips to camouflage the increase in pounds.


* Wear soft knits, wrap dresses and shirts, tops and frocks that are made in Empire waist, and A-line skirts.


* During the first trimester, you can wear another great affordable maternity wear piece called the “blouson” style top. This is one that is designed with a fitted waistband below, but there is enough space above the band. Its fabric falls freely on your belly, and the fitted waistband makes its appearance more tailored. You can combine it with a pair of stretched jeans, and there are many fashionable but cheap maternity jeans online to make you more comfortable, while having a stylish look.


Being pregnant is something to cherish for women who imagine themselves carrying their cute babies. For first time mothers, it’s a combination of excitement and confusion on what to do for the entire pregnancy period. For others, it’s a bit of sacrifice from their daily routine. Overall, it’s ideal for women to taste what others have experienced especially in wearing affordable maternity wear. Feel great with your maternity dress!


What are your tips for staying fashionable but saving money while pregnant?

7 Ways to Help a New Mom


It is a special time for a new mom following the birth of a child.

So many emotions are going through a new mom’s head: I’m not pregnant any more! This is the cutest baby I’ve ever seen! Will I get my waist back? I’m already exhausted! Will I ever sleep through the night again? Are they breathing? Am I doing this right? They are so tiny! Oww I need a Tylenol… And this is just in the first 5 minutes!

Everyone wants to help a new mom out, but sometimes we forget what they need the most. Moms need to relax and recover for at least 2 weeks following birth. Having a baby is no easy task for a mom’s body to go through. If they push themselves too soon, they could hemorrhage or develop mastitis.

This is the perfect time to offer to help them out and let them do what only they can do: Take care of the baby. baby postpartum new mom dad birth help

Here is my list of ways that my family and friends helped me the most following my births: 

1) Keep the older kids entertained. 

Aidalyn was 2.5 years old when Annaleigh was born. Luckily, Aidalyn did well with the extra TV time that she had while we were all recovering from Annaleigh’s birth. My mom was such a huge help to us before Annaleigh was born and right after. She stayed with us for about 5 weeks total, helping me with Aidalyn and the house. Not having to worry about Aidalyn helped me give my full attention to recovering and taking care of Annaleigh.

2) Cook meals for the family

Following both of my births, my church family really helped me out by cooking meals for 2 weeks. Having a hot meal coming each night was so amazing. I didn’t have to worry about what we were going to eat and it helped us all recover by being able to relax at dinner time. We used Sign up Genius to schedule meals and it made the process so easy.

3) Do laundry

Births and babies generate a lot of laundry. Adam’s mom and my mom both helped me with laundry following the births of my girls. It is not glamorous by any means, but it is such a HUGE deal to a new mom to not have to worry about.

4) Clean the kitchen and put dishes away.

Just like the laundry, this is not a fun job to do… but some things just have to get done and we don’t want our new mom to feel like it is her job. Ask her what would make the biggest help to her (maybe it is unloading the dishwasher or wiping down the counter tops). Everyone has that one thing that bugs them, see if you can scratch that off her “to-do” list.

5) Let Mom get a shower

Getting a shower and feeling normal again is so important to a new mom. She will be pouring all of herself into this new little baby and forget she needs to care for herself too. Newborns will want to be held all the time, so showers and baths become a luxury.

6) Text her to see if she needs anything from diaper cream to coffee. 

New moms don’t always know what they need until after the baby arrives (or they run out of something faster than expected!) Don’t call, just in case she is sleeping or dealing with the baby. A text allows her to get to your message at her convenience. She can reply and let you know if she needs anything from the store.

7) Let her know you are there if she needs to talk or ask advice.  read more

How to Build a Home Birth Kit in 20 Items

What you need to have for your home birth kit in 20 items! Prepare for your home birth by collection this home birth kit.

How to Build a Home Birth Kit in 20 Items

I have been blessed to be able to have 2 home births now. You can read my two birth stories by clicking here: Annaleigh’s Birth and Aidalyn’s Birth.

Both experiences were amazing and there is very little I would change about either. I was fortunate to have 2 amazing midwives attend my births and felt very prepared for when the time came.

My first home birth was in 2010 (Aidalyn’s). I was able to have her in my master bathroom’s garden corner tub. It was easy clean up and a really a great experience. For Annaleigh’s birth we were in a rent house, so my midwife brought a large tub for me to use to birth in. It was even better because the water was able to be deeper. I wasn’t in the tub for more than 10 minutes though because she came so fast. read more

10 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

How to have a healthy pregnancy, tips for easy pregnancy


10 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Are you pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant soon? Today I’m writing at Day 2 Day Joys about 10 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy.

I have been blessed to have 2 relatively easy pregnancies. I did deal with gestational diabetes, but I was able to manage my blood sugar naturally. Check out my book about How to Control Gestational Diabetes Naturally. 

Being healthy is the foundation for a healthy pregnancy. If you are already deficient in vitamins, pregnancy will only make it worse. This is the time to focus on your health and your baby’s health.

Read more about 10 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy here. 


How to Control Gestational Diabetes Naturally2


How to Choose Your Midwife

cost of a midwife, midwife delivery, pregnancy delivery, natural birth, pregnancy, natural labor, water birth, homebirth, midwives, midwifery, certified midwife,

How to Choose Your Midwife

Choosing a midwife for your natural birth is a daunting task (or it can be!). You are partnering with someone who will be with you every step of the way through your pregnancy, labor, delivery and post-partum period. You want to make sure that you can find someone that agrees with your birth plan and how you want your birth experience to play out. 

I have benefited from having two incredible midwifes for each of my pregnancies. I loved both of them and the outcome of each labor and delivery. I was lucky to find two women who viewed pregnancy and labor like I did. I also appreciated their preference for treating pregnancy discomforts naturally. Most importantly, I found comfort in their knowledge of natural labor and how to help me achieve the natural labors I desired. read more