How to Hydrate Winter Skin At Home with a Facial Mask

Burrrrrrrr!  It’s a snow day here! During the winter, one thing we tend to forget about is our skin. Maybe it is because we are busy or we just forget. However, Hydration is the Key to reduce the appearance of wrinkles!

Now, it has never been easier to take care of your skin even when you are busy.

Who doesn’t want to do a spa treatment while you are watching your favorite shows on Netflix.

 Watch this video to learn how you can hydrate and lift your skin at home today:

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DIY Holiday Coffee Sugar Scrub

The holidays are here! Which means a great opportunity for some homemade gift ideas to share or just to treat yourself!

This season also means drier air which means we can’t ignore our skin –

I love making these homemade sugar scrubs because they are so fun and easy too – Plus, this is the perfect way for me to keep my skin healthy all through the winter.

Watch How to Make DIY Holiday Coffee Sugar Scrub


1/2 cup of coconut oil

1 cup of ground coffee

3 tablespoons of sugar

10 drops of Defend


Mix all ingredients in glass bowl and store in container with lid. read more

The Holiday No Gain Guide

The holiday season is here!

It starts in October and goes through New Years… but all this celebrating may lead to the dreaded holiday weight gain O.o

On average, Americans gain 10 pounds from Halloween to New Years, but this doesn’t have to happen to you!

Three Ways to Avoid the Holiday Weight Gain without Giving Up your Favorite Foods

What if you had a plan? A daily action plan to keep you on track all season long so you could just avoid the holiday weight gain altogether? Wouldn’t that be awesome!

You are going to walk into your New Year’s Party in your favorite little back dress… and not have to worry about setting a New Year’s Resolution weight loss goal. You’ll be ahead of everyone else and feeling great too! read more

Six Low Carb Breakfast Ideas without Eggs

ditch your sugar cravings
ditch your sugar cravings

Eggs are a really popular way to start your day if you are trying to eat low carb… but eating eggs every morning can get old, amiright? That’s why I’m sharing these 6 Low Carb Breakfast Ideas without Eggs so you can start your morning the right way (even if you don’t want eggs!) 

We had a reader reach out who is REALLLLLY trying to transition to a low carb lifestyle and she doesn’t like eating eggs, so finding breakfast ideas she can get excited about has been difficult for her. I wanted to make this easier, because I believe that how you start your morning is important! read more

Mom’s Famous Immune Boosting Wassail

It is no secret that we are getting closer to “Cold and Flu Season”…

There are many reasons why we may get sick more often in the winter (and some may surprise you!)

  • Less sunlight or time spent outdoors (means less Vitamin D for us)
  • We eat more sugar which naturally suppresses our immune system
  • Breathing in less fresh air (possibly spreading more germs in closed buildings)
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    6 Ways to Use Coconut Oil on your Skin

    Coconut oil has been praised recently as something that every household should have… but what should we actually do with it?

    What we LOVE about Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil is a pretty special ingredient because it is naturally antibacterial and antifungal. Coconut oil is AMAZING for your skin because it is an excellent moisturizer. It can penetrate hair better than other oils (and I use it for chapped lips too!.)

    We have been cooking with coconut oil for years and love that it is a great stable oil at high temperatures and is dairy free. It’s nice to be able to use it in the kitchen and the bathroom!

    Could you actually replace some of your other products for Coconut Oil? 

    6 Ways to Use Coconut Oil

    How we Use Coconut Oil

  • We are getting into the drier months, so you will want a go to cure for dry cracking hands. As a first resort, we love this coconut oil because it isn’t as greasy as heavy lotions and moisturizes your skin well. If your hands need a little extra loving, add 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil when you rub the coconut oil on your hands.
  •  Shaving your legs just got more luscious when you use coconut oil. Coconut oil is naturally antimicrobial, and smells like a vacation in your bathroom. Plus, your skin will stay hydrated but not greasy.
  • Your hair will love how coconut oil works as a deep conditioner. Just work in a quarter-size amount into your hair, comb it, and then pile it into a loose bun. Use a soft towel over your pillow to keep it from getting wet. In the morning, shampoo your hair as usual and feel the difference in your hair!
  • Coconut oil is also amazing at breaking down your eye makeup (even waterproof mascara!!). Use a cotton ball with a little coconut oil on it and gently sweep it over your eyes to remove any unwanted make up. It will also leave that delicate skin hydrated.
  • Use Coconut oil as your favorite body moisturizer! It can even reduce water loss from serious dry skin (hello winter skin!)
  • Before you use a cleanser, massage Coconut oil into your face to give you a glow and help naturally fight any bacteria or fungus, plus it will aid in moisturizing too.
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    17 Reasons to Live in the Mountains

    You may not know that Adam and I have just moved into our Dream House – we traveled for almost 3 months through different cities across  the mid-south looking for the next place we would call home. We work from home, so we could live anywhere!

    We did have some interesting criteria… I wanted to live in the mountains.

    I may need to define my “definition” of what a mountain is… I’ll just start with I grew up in Louisiana. You will see the most amazing sunsets ever in south Louisiana because you can see for miles and miles. But this means that it is flat as a pancake. 

    We landed in North West Arkansas! If you haven’t driven from Fort Smith to Fayetteville… You need to! It has the most beautiful views I have ever seen in my life.

    So this is going to be this Louisiana Girl’s 17 Reasons to Live in the Mountains:



    Growing up as a kid in Louisiana… I dreamed of snow. I remember one winter night, snow was falling about 3 hours north of where we lived. We all piled into a tiny red truck and drove up just to play in the snow. It was SO rare to get snow even close in North Louisiana. Now after living in Virginia for 4 years, I just don’t want to give up that experience.


    There is something so magical about a waterfall.

    I just can’t explain how calming yet invigorating it is to listen to the water cascading off of the ledge and crashing at the bottom. Here in North West Arkansas there are many waterfalls that we can explore. Here is a waterfall that is about 15 minutes from our new house 🙂



    I love being able to go on long walks as a family. My favorite walks are on the trails. Hiking is a way to get back to nature and just explore your local plants and listen to the birds chirping. It is great to go hiking with kids and letting them get some outdoor time. Plus, it is a great exercise experience! It just isn’t as fun to hike unless you are in a hilly/changing terrain area.


    Along with hiking, we can’t forget bike rides. I love going on bike rides as a family – and although we can’t handle too extreme climbs, we do enjoy trails that give us a challenge. In North West Arkansas, there are many public biking trails for everyone to enjoy.



    The View


    The Views.

    Views that will take your breath away.

    I just went on a walk in my neighborhood yesterday with my girls and looked out to where the sun was setting over the valley. It was amazing.

    17 Reasons to Live in the Mountains

    Leaves Changing

    Growing up in Louisiana… fall just meant that everything turned brown and fell on the ground. We missed out on all the beautiful fall colors that we could see in Virginia. Golds, Oranges, Reds. Something that everyone should experience in the fall.


    Road Trips

    We love going on road trips. Just this weekend we drove up to Missouri twice. What I love about this area is that the changing topography gives so much more interest to your drive. Driving from Fort Smith to Fayetteville has the best views of the area!


    Mountain Lakes

    There is something so majestic to be canoeing in a mountain lake with cliffs on both sides and calm water resting between. We were just driving around and found this amazing view of one of the lakes in our area.


    Higher Elevation

    When you live in an area with higher elevation, you have less humidity, cooler air, and more breeze. Adam is so hot natured it was certainly on his list to live in a place that was cooler.



    We went to a park about 15 minutes from our house and found a natural cave with an active spring. It was pretty amazing to be a part of nature. We loved showing the girls how powerful water is that it made this cave by running through it daily. It was also a nice break from the sun.


    Less Traffic

    We did move to a smaller community in Arkansas than we lived in Virginia. Just in general, less people means less traffic. I really didn’t realize it, but I had stopped wanting to leave my house because I knew I would end up in a crowded street. I have to be honest when I say that I’m an introvert… so it has been more comfortable to me being in a smaller town. Adam just doesn’t like traffic lol.


    Fresh Air

    Living in the mountains, I feel like the air is just fresher. Smells clean and easy to breathe. It may be more the humidity of the south, but I love the smell of fresh air.


    Less Mosquitoes

    Growing up in Louisiana… mosquitoes were like that crazy uncle that ruined all the parties and never would go away.

    Adam and my oldest daughter are pretty allergic to their bite as well, so it was always stressful to be outside and worried about them. I love living in an area with less mosquitoes and living where we have seasons that help keep their population down.


    No Hurricanes

    After Adam and I were married, we moved to south Louisiana for 8 years. During that time, I had to evacuate from 4 hurricanes. That was enough for me to realize that I didn’t want to live in an area that was prone to getting hurricanes.

    To avoid them, just move to an area that is more inland and not close to the coast.


    Boot Season

    Okay, I know this is silly, but growing up in Louisiana I had all these winter clothes that we could only wear for like 1 week. I loved living in an area where we actually had a winter season. When you live in higher elevation, you should have more seasons and be able to wear all your cute winter clothes much longer.


    Farm to Table Culture

    This is something that I have been passionate for about 10 years. Having a community that values their local farmers and celebrates their food. Here in North West Arkansas we have been so impressed with the local restaurants and farmers who work together to bring the best to this community. I would expect to see that in many areas, but that was aspect that impressed me here.


    Not the Beach

    I know many people would probably disagree with me… and that’s okay. I don’t mind visiting the beach. I just don’t want to live there.

    Maybe you didn’t see my profile picture… I’m a fair skinned red head lol. It just was not meant to be for me to love the beach.

    So what I love is that the mountains just feel like home to me… I feel like I belong here.


    Do you live in the Mountains? What do you love about it?





    Your Skin will be Begging for this…

    Welcome to Spring!!!

    Maybe you are like me and your face is showing some wear and tear from the winter air we have had the past few months. We even had more flurries this past weekend!!

    I wanted to share with you my new secret to silky smooth skin. I love this new Three Step Process for keeping my skin healthy and young looking too!



    Start your new journey to a fresh new look here: 

    Step One: Cleanse with our Cleanser 

    Wash the day away with the beautifying botanicals of this soap-free, clean-rinsing gel. Cleanser gently removes all oil, dirt, and makeup (even waterproof mascara!) without stripping your skin of its natural moisture. The clean-rinsing lather leaves your skin squeaky clean and silky smooth. It’s even ideal for shaving!

    Step Two: Take it all off with our Exfoliating Peel 

    Get ready to take it all off with the Exfoliating Peel! Boost your skin’s natural renewal with a bounty of botanical and fruit extracts that strip away the dead skin cells, excess oil, and daily debris that clog your pores and age your face. Take it all off to reveal softer, smoother, healthier-looking skin and let the more youthful, luminous you shine!

    Step Three: Deeply Hydrate with our Facials

    Tighten, tone, and firm to give your face a lift in as little as 45 minutes. This cream-infused, deep hydration mask soothes skin and softens the look of fine lines and wrinkles while continuously hydrating for a more beautiful you!


    Always save 40% as a Loyal Customer!

    You can join our loyal customer program for free when you just order one item for 3 consecutive months. It is easy to find 3 different products to try from all the different amazing items we bring to you. You will also earn 10% back on each order too to save even more. I can’t wait to hear about your results!


    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. We would love to get you a system perfect for your needs.



    Homemade Bird Feeder

    easy toddler craft, easy preschool craft, cheerios craft, pipe cleaner craft, bird feeder craft

    Easy Homemade Bird Feeder

    Making bird feeders is a great winter activity for your kids. It is win-win for everyone. Your kids get to have fun making a craft, and the birds get to have some food when the pickin’s are thin in the wintertime. This is an easy homemade bird feeder to make with toddlers and preschoolers using only two items.

    This activity was first shown to us when we visited our local Botanical Gardens for their light display around Christmas. They made ornaments to hang on a tree in their children’s garden using pipe cleaners and Cheerios. Aidalyn loved making the homemade bird feeder so much, I knew we would need to make them for our house.

    All you need is two supplies:

    Pipe Cleaners



    Start by tying off one end of your pipe cleaner by wrapping it through a Cheerio.

    Then continue stringing the rest of the Cheerios on your pipe cleaner.

    Find a tree to hang your bird feeder on and wait for birds to come and nibble.

    pipe cleaner crafts, easy preschool activity

    What are your favorite pipe cleaner crafts?


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    Slow Cooker Italian Meatballs and Spinach

    crockpot creamy spinach and meatballs

    Slow Cooker Italian Meatballs and Spinach

    This crockpot meatball dinner is sure to be a hit at your dinner table. It is hearty and full flavored for filling your appetite. My husband said it was the perfect dinner for a winter night.

    The inspiration came from the grocery store. I was shopping this past weekend and I saw these chicken and mozzarella Italian meatballs that were all natural at Krogers. They were Aidelle’s brand. I was really impressed with the ingredients and they were perfectly low carb for a satisfying dinner.

    Creamy Spinach and Meatballs

    I really wanted to pair these with a creamy sauce. I wasn’t sure starting off what vegetables I wanted to match with the Italian and cheese flavors. Then it finally came to me: Spinach!

    I love spinach in a creamy sauce. This is a really flavorful and deep full flavored sauce that goes great with spinach. We ate the creamy meatballs and spinach over cauliflower mash and served aside some mixed low carb vegetables.

    This will certainly be a repeat meal for us during the winter. The creamy meatballs cook in the slow cooker, so there is no hassle at dinner time and easy clean up too!

    Low Carb Slowcooker Spinach and Meatballs

    Trim Healthy Mama’s: This Recipe is considered a Satisfying dinner because it is low in carbs, but does have some fat.

    Here is the recipe for you to enjoy!


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