Homemade Bird Feeder

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Easy Homemade Bird Feeder

Making bird feeders is a great winter activity for your kids. It is win-win for everyone. Your kids get to have fun making a craft, and the birds get to have some food when the pickin’s are thin in the wintertime. This is an easy homemade bird feeder to make with toddlers and preschoolers using only two items.

This activity was first shown to us when we visited our local Botanical Gardens for their light display around Christmas. They made ornaments to hang on a tree in their children’s garden using pipe cleaners and Cheerios. Aidalyn loved making the homemade bird feeder so much, I knew we would need to make them for our house.

All you need is two supplies:

Pipe Cleaners



Start by tying off one end of your pipe cleaner by wrapping it through a Cheerio.

Then continue stringing the rest of the Cheerios on your pipe cleaner.

Find a tree to hang your bird feeder on and wait for birds to come and nibble.

pipe cleaner crafts, easy preschool activity

What are your favorite pipe cleaner crafts?

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  1. Such an easy craft for kids! I’m pinning this for my Daisy/Brownie troop.

    Thanks for linking up at Motivation Monday!

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