Easy Leaf Turkey Craft for Kids

IMG_4069Just in time for Thanksgiving!!! A turkey craft just what you needed to keep the kids busy while you are cooking away or cleaning the house for incoming guest. Your kids with love this  leaf turkey craft too, because it is so simple they can do most of it themselves. 

It can be an easy craft for your toddler or preschooler. You can even incorporate a nature hunt into this activity while gathering leaves for the turkey craft. 

You will need 3 sheets of paper (we used one yellow, one tan, and one brown), leaves, colors, 2 googly eyes, and glue. 

1. Collect your different colored leaves. 


2a. Cut out your pieces. Cut the head and body of the turkey out in your brown paper. Use your tan paper as your backing. Cut out a yellow triangle to make a beak. Color a piece of the yellow to be red for the turkey’s snood (or just use a red sheet of paper). 

2b. Glue the head to the body piece, the snood and beak onto the head, and the googly eyes to the head. 


3. Glue your leaves to the tan piece of paper in a rainbow shape to form the “feather” of the turkey. 

4a.  IMG_4050Glue the body and head on top of the leaves. 

4b.IMG_4062  To make things sturdier, I went back after Aidalyn and hot glued a few of the leaves down that didn’t get enough glue on. 



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