10 Surprising Uses for Greek Yogurt

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10 Surprising Uses for Greek Yogurt

Have you met my friend Greek Yogurt yet? No. Well, then you are in for a treat! Greek Yogurt is one of the most versatile foods.

Greek Yogurt is strained yogurt leaving a protein packed, thick and rich dairy left. It is very different in texture than regular yogurt. It is rich and creamy… so good!

It is also healthy, because a good quality Greek yogurt will contain strains of beneficial bacteria that helps with your digestion. Since Greek yogurt has more protein than regular yogurt, it helps keep you full longer and keep blood sugar levels stable. It is also lower in lactose, so it has fewer carbs.

Here are just a few swaps you can make with Greek Yogurt. It saves refrigerator space and calories sometimes. 

Sour Cream

– Top chili or chicken fajitas with a tablespoon of plain Greek Yogurt in place of sour cream.

– In a recipe that uses sour cream to add creaminess, like a turkey stroganoff, try to replace with Greek yogurt.


– When making a salad for lunch, substitute a little Greek yogurt in place of the mayo. I like a salmon salad with lots of spices added on top of wasa crackers for a good snack.

– You can also use yogurt in place of mayo in your deviled egg recipes.

– Make a great ranch dressing with Greek yogurt.

Cream Cheese

– When making a cheese cake , you can replace part of the cream cheese in place of yogurt.

– Make a creamy topping with half yogurt and half cream cheese like in my King Cake Recipe.

Mix it up

– add peanut butter to Greek Yogurt for a quick apple dip

– blend in some fruit and freeze in Popsicle molds for a healthy treat

– dip blueberries in yogurt and freeze for a quick healthy snack


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In your favorite recipes

I like to use Greek yogurt for a marinade for chicken when making a Greek chicken baked dish.

I also LOVE to top stevia sweetened Greek yogurt on top of my Brownie Muffin in a Mug. For breakfast, I will top my oatmeal with Greek yogurt too.

You can add a few tablespoons to some garlicy mashed cauliflower for a great mashed potato substitute.

In butternut squash soup, you can add Greek yogurt to add some creaminess.

Add Greek yogurt to avocados to make a creamy avocado dressing for your tacos and taco salads.

Have you tried Gwen’s Luscious Lemon Yogurt yet? 

What is your favorite thing to make with Greek Yogurt?


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  1. Great ideas! I have been using greek yogurt lately for dips in place of sour cream and my family loves it. I have also baked with it- a cake -using the yogurt in place of sour cream.

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