10 Minute Kettle Bell Workout – Guest Post

10 Minute Kettle Bell WorkOut


10 Minute Kettle Bell Workout

Guest Post for Modern Alternative Mama


Are you a busy mom trying to get fit? I know I used to go to the gym 5 days a week before I had kids… now we don’t have a gym membership. That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped exercising though.

I love a quick workout at home where I can get my heart pumping and feel a little sore the next day.

This 10 minute workout using kettle bells is perfect for fitting in a little exercise when you are feeling pressed for time. If you have more time one day, then just do the exercise 2 times through.

I like using kettle bells because it adds enough weight for me to build a little strength and also the movements make you engage your core and abdominal muscles.

The more and more I read about great core and abdominal workouts, the less I am motivated to do traditional sit ups and crunches. If you are interested in a different way to exercise your core, you can look into more tummy safe and tummy conscious exercises from Fit2B Studios (not an affiliate, just a member).

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10 minute kettle bell workout

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