How To Pick the Perfect Mattress

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Buying a new mattress is big decision. After much research we landed on this one. Read more about how to pick the perfect mattress.

One thing Adam and I realized  in our recent big move, that is that there’s no point in paying to pack, store, and move things that you don’t REALLY like and want to keep.

Case in point, we decided that we wanted to do a bit of an upgrade on our bed, and move up to a King Size Mattress! Since we have owned our previous mattress and bed for right about 11 years it was a little intimidating to consider new options!

If you know anything about my shopping habits, is that I HATE traditional shopping. I don’t get any enjoyment from it, so we started looking for options beyond going to mattress stores, laying on a mattress and trying to decide right then if we wanted to buy it…


Enter Casper!

Adam had heard about them on some of the podcasts he listens to pretty regularly, and loved the idea of just buying a mattress online and having it shipped to your door. No Muss, No Fuss! I’m terrible at sales haggling and I don’t enjoy buying larger items like mattresses, especially looking at the sticker prices!

Casper caught our attention because it’s simple to order, they do free delivery, AND they have a 100 night guarantee. If you don’t love the mattress and want to return it within 100 days, you get a full refund no questions asked! FYI Casper ends up reconditioning returned mattresses and donated them to charity, which I also loved!

We’ve had ours for about 3 weeks and are LOVING it! But what’s cool is, if we change our mind in another month, we can return it! I’m totally sold on this sort of mattress buying experience.

You know what’s one of the most fun parts of buying a Casper? Opening the box!!!

The girls had a lot of laughs at our mattress! (If you aren’t following me on Facebook yet: Follow me here)


Guess what’s even better though?!? Because Casper is pretty cool and so are our readers, Casper is allowing us to offer $50 off any one of their mattresses to our readers! Simple follow this link and you’ll get the discount right now! If you need to, you can also enter the code “Grassfedmama” at checkout so they know who sent you!

Our New Bed!


P.S. A LOT of people have been asking questions about our new bed as well (which we LOVE). Here’s a link if you want to check it out for yourself 🙂


Would you try a mattress that comes in a box? What do you think about it?

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