The Nursing Mamas Meal Plan for Losing Weight

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The Nursing Mamas Meal Plan for Losing Weight helps you know what to eat to stay healthy and also lose weight without losing your milk supply.

It is normal to gain weight during pregnancy.

But while I was pregnant and happily (or not so happily, lol) gaining weight every week… when I would have the monthly weight in with my midwife, I was always thinking…

What’s my plan to lose all this weight after the baby comes?

It was so hard emotionally and physically to gain the weight during pregnancy. Of course I knew that it was healthy and needed to grow a healthy baby and have a healthy pregnancy… but it was not easy to see my backside, thighs, and face expand along with my belly.

The thing is… I gained more weight with each pregnancy (thankfully I lost it all every time after having the baby!) and it had NOTHING to do with what I ate during my pregnancy… let me put that myth to the side.

Weight Loss Plan while Breastfeeding
Weight Loss Plan while Breastfeeding

When your a pregnant, Your Body is in Fat Storing Mode. This is a normal process.

Your hormones are actually working to get as much fat stored so you can have enough stored to make breast milk after the baby comes…

So if you are anything like me… no matter how much you work out or how low carb you eat… you are going to gain extra FAT. (or maternal stores).

That’s a good thing because you do want a healthy supply… but we aren’t in starving times anymore… there is TONS of food around us.

So once the baby comes… How can we lose the fat stores AND keep our milk supply too?

Nursing Mamas meal plan for weight loss
Nursing Mamas meal plan for weight loss

One thing to keep in mind…

Everyone is different. (Yes, I know… earth shattering!) And Everyone is bio-individual.

So for me… I can’t workout very hard when I’m nursing or my milk supply will go down… I can’t lift weights with my arms or I will get a clogged milk duct.

So listen to your body!

I believe your results are 80% in the kitchen anyways… so that’s where my focus is!

and this is what I do:

Nursing Mama’s Meal Plan for Weight Loss

Drink enough water.

If you are trying to keep your milk supply up… this is a MUST. I know if I even drink a little less than I should, I will get a clogged duct…

(I must have narrow ducts because I get them very easily! See how to treat mastitis naturally here)

Now, If you don’t like water… Don’t despair! This is what I’m sipping on these days… All of these drinks have a double duty health benefit so that’s a win win win!

1- Keto Friendly Shakes

2- Greens Super food powder (plus, this is my secret for having high quality milk with the 52 super foods)

3- Keto Friendly Electrolytes

Eat protein.

When I was younger, I really did steer away from eating protein… I thought if I ate too much I would bulk up or gain weight… but that is FAR from the truth!

If you are trying to lose weight, you need a moderate amount of protein every day!

The benefits of eating protein at every meal and snack are that it keeps you full longer because protein takes longer to digest. It also helps balance your blood sugar and avoid any energy crashes…

Plus, your milk is basically made up of mostly fat and protein!

If you don’t like meat, here are some non-meat sources of protein.

Nursing Mamas meal plan for weight loss
Nursing Mamas meal plan for weight loss

Eat healthy fats.

Yes I know… it doesn’t make sense right?

Eat Fat = Lose Fat

But hear me out! This is honestly the biggest KEY in weight loss! You must give your body healthy fat in order for it to release your fat stores.

Remember your body is holding onto fat because “just in case” you find yourself out in a desert where there is no food… It is mother nature trying to protect you and your baby!

If you focus on feeding your body healthy fats every day… lots of healthy fats… This will happen next:

  • Your body will have a healthy metabolism
  • You will stay full longer
  • You will have less sugar cravings
  • Your body will release fat stores
  • Your brain will function faster
  • Your skin will be softer

Believe me, you will love eating this way!

10 Ways to Eat More Fat Every Day

Eat low carb fruits and vegetables

It’s no secret that eating fruits and vegetables are good for you… even if you don’t like eating fruits and vegetables, you can sneak them in this way.

Eating salads… cooked or roasted vegetables with butter, berries with cream… (okay I’m drooling now!) it can be easy to fill your plate with these healthy options!

Don’t skimp on the butter because it will actually help your body absorb all the nutrients in the vegetables!


  • You will eat more fiber which will help you stay full and regular too.
  • You will have more nutrients and more quality milk
  • You will have more variety of tastes and colors!

Grab My Nursing Mama Meal Plan

Are you struggling to lose weight while nursing?

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