9 Tips to Lose Weight as a Busy Mom

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It can be a struggle to lose weight. These Tips to Lose Weight as a busy mom will show you that you can reach your goals no matter how crazy life is.

Simple Tips to Get back in your skinny jeans

Want to squeeze into your favorite skinny jeans (or better yet, your favorite prepregnancy pants)? These 9 Tips will help you slim down and help you losing weight even as a busy mom.

Listen, your baby loves you no matter what you look like, but you know how you feel when you’re feeling fit, healthy, confident.

That feeling when your favorite jeans just slip right up without a struggle (yep, we’ve all be there!)

Mom life is crazy… right?

We have all these spinning plates in the air and we are just trying to stay afloat most days without losing our minds.

But I believe that we as moms put our own health… making our self a priority… on the back-burner.

Have you been there?

And when mom doesn’t feel her best… everyone struggles too.

How can moms start losing weight after a baby when they’ve got a plate full and keeping kids alive to balance along with dieting and exercise?

Write it down.

Do you remember your diary you kept as a kid?

A way to process and think through your day… maybe discover some feelings you didn’t know were lingering?

Journaling is the new diary!

It is proven we are way more likely to reach our goals if we write them down. But this also goes for sticking to our goals and staying on track.

I know when I see something written down, it becomes more real and tangible.

Homework: Write down your goal. Where do you want to be in 90 days. Track your food intake. Keep track of your progress.

Grab a buddy.

If you don’t have one yet… find an accountability partner.

This could be someone local to you, or even someone online. (In a Facebook group even!)

You need someone you can message and say “I want a cookie! Help a sister out!” and they can talk some sense into you… haha! Or maybe I am the only one who needs a friend like that!

Click here to learn why it is some important to have an accountability partner to help you reach your weight loss goals.

healthy low carb recipes
healthy low carb recipes

Collect healthy recipes.

If you haven’t already grabbed my 16 Top Low Carb recipes, what are you waiting for?!? Do it here.

Listen, I’m a real person, yo’ – who struggles with chocolate cravings… cookie cravings… brownie cravings…

What keeps me on track is having healthy recipes (that taste delicious!) for when the cravings hit.

For more healthy cravings help, check out my healthy cravings swap guide.

Kitchen sweep.

Old habits die HARD!

If you are really serious about changing the way you eat… you have to do a serious overhaul of what’s in your pantry, your cabinets, your fridge your secret chocolate stash (oh, you didn’t think I would go there did you…)

When Adam and I made the decision to change our health… change our lives… it started in our kitchen!

We threw out 80% of the food in our house.

Need help knowing what to stock? Grab my Keto Grocery List

how to lose weight as a busy mom
how to lose weight as a busy mom

Move it. Move it.

“I like to move it, move it.”

Staying active as a busy mom isn’t easy. One thing I learned is that if you want anything to happen, you have to schedule it.

Grab my tips of how to work out as a busy mom.

Bring baby with you.

This is actually what I prefer when I’m trying to exercise more… get in more activity. I focus on activities where I can bring my baby with me.

Even at just a few weeks postpartum, I was out on the trails with my baby in a baby carrier.

I love getting fresh air, he loves getting outside, and it is added body weight to more calorie burn!

The Tula Baby Carrier is by far my favorite!

Pay attention to snacking.

Sometimes we lose track of how much snacking we actually are doing. I bite here, just one there, a nibble there… all these add up.

If you are tracking what you are eating like in tip number one, you can keep in mind how much extra calories you are eating on top of your meals.

Need Healthy Snack Ideas: Keto Road Trip Snacks

Free Intermittent Fasting Guide
Free Intermittent Fasting Guide

Switch it up

This is one thing that I’ve learned over the past 10 years or so… Your body is a learning machine. It also doesn’t always want to lose weight – it wants to find some sense of balance.

But the way to see change FAST – is to keep your body guessing.

That’s why I tried Intermittent Fasting because it was something different that was giving a lot of people success.

Your success is found in your daily habit! So what you do every day will make a bigger impact that something you just do once or every once in a while.

Did you know that some of our habits can actually be stalling our weight loss?

Learn 7 Habits that are killing your metabolism to see areas where we can switch it up and start seeing progress!

Jump start your day.

I had reached a sort of plateau and wasn’t seeing much weight loss at all. Then I decided to try something different – but in all actuality it was such a simple swap – it took so little effort for the weight to start dropping.

All I did was start drinking this coffee for my breakfast.

This helped my body stay in fat burning mode (like a modified intermittent fast) and kept me full for hours!

It helped me jump start my day – in a healthy way! To fuel my body with healthy fats, protein, and super foods.

  • I stayed full longer.
  • I had less sugar cravings.
  • I had more energy.
  • I had less brain fog.
how to lose weight while drinking keto coffee
how to lose weight while drinking keto coffee

Plus, I easily dropped 5 pounds in a month with this one change.

The thing is ANY busy mom can do this!!

I know you are already asking… “How can I try this?”

So I put together 5 day sample packs, so you can give yourself a full week to see the benefits of this coffee:

I believe that your results are just a few simple swaps away!

It Works Results
It Works Results

I am in tears reading this from my friend Rachel… She shares about her struggle to lose weight and how she made a decision to get healthy and it changed her life! 

She shares “Wow!! My name is Rachel. As I write my story, I can’t help but cry. I am so grateful for what ItWorks has done for me and my family.

After having our fourth baby, I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life. I was that mom that put on a happy face as often as possible, but inside, I was miserable.

I just didn’t feel good about myself at all. My husband reassured me often how beautiful I was, but I didn’t believe it myself.

We were in a period of transition, in which we were having to make financial decisions, which made things more stressful. I felt stuck!

I was becoming more and more short with my kids, I just didn’t feel well.

The opportunity was presented to me to become a distributor. I felt like this was an answer to prayer, both physically and financially. I knew I needed this!!!

I felt in order to truly be able to promote I had to have my own opinion about the product, my own story.

I immediately ordered our Keto Coffee and chocolate Greens and was AMAZED!!!

I started losing weight and feeling better. I had more energy-I was now able to homeschool my 2 older kids, keep up with my 3 year old, and take care of my baby with energy to spare.

I now weigh less than what I weighed before I had my first baby 11 years ago!!

I am now able to help supplement income while staying home to raise our children.

As I look at my before and after pics, I am so grateful for the transformation-the first picture shows a picture of a worn out mom with a forced smile, while the second shows a happy, healthy mom with a genuine smile.

My mom told me the other day, “Rachel, you just shine”. It is amazing the difference it makes when you feel good!!!

I will forever be grateful for what ItWorks has done for me. I will forever stand behind our products 100%!!!”

You are just one sip away.

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