How to Exercise on a Busy Schedule

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I haven’t met a single person who isn’t busy! We all have the same 24 hours in a day – but some how some people are able to get more done in those same hours… what is their tip???

I think the biggest thing about being efficient with your time is to plan ahead. If you are trying to get in exercise throughout your day, PLAN to be active! Look for opportunities. 

I do a LOT of traveling, which I love to do… but that usually means long car rides and then trying to get the girls settled in a hotel room – so how do we fit in exercise when our schedule is busy?

I like to park father away in the parking lot, run up and down the stairs a few extra times during the day, do some squats while I’m cooking or brushing my teeth, take 5 minutes to stretch.

You can fit it in!!

I also know that my willpower goes down throughout the day. If you can do some exercise in the morning, you will be more likely to stay active throughout the day. Start your day with a good free 10 minute video on YouTube

Watch my video below to hear more tips:

What are your tips to stay active even with a busy schedule?


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