Episode 26: 16 Posts To Make Each Week To Build Your Business

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16 Posts to Make Each Week to Build Your business
16 Posts to Make Each Week to Build Your business

That moment when you hold your phone and wonder…

What should I post?!?!

Have you felt overwhelmed thinking… what should I post? How many times should I post? What should I be posting about??

This episode should help by giving you clear focus on what you should be posting and how many times each week to make that type of post.

When I got started… everyone talked about posting 3 product posts and 3 business posts a day… A DAY!

There was no algorithm to fight… and things were just a lot different back then.

So now, how much should we be posting and WHAT should we post?

Two Posts a Day

Don’t post a pray.

Post to start conversations.

Pro Tip: Don’t try to sell on your profile. Start conversations and direct to direct message.

Post Ideas to Build Your Business Online

Inspirational Posts

What are you learning, what stories can you share, how can you empower and inspire people to be better.

Educational Posts

How to videos, “Did you know” posts, Recipes, workouts, Why is it important to do X, Mom hacks.

Entertaining Posts

Funny quotes, Funny stories, Funny videos/boomerangs, how can you entertain your followers.

Personal Posts

Your values, your family, what are you wearing, what are you reading, what are you learning, what are you doing each day?

Facebook Lives

Teach something, Demo something, Share a story, Point to a freebie.

Product Posts

Lead with curiosity about one product that is helping you reach a goal.

Business Posts

How does your work look like behind the scenes. What do you love about what you are doing. How is it helping you and your family. What is your team able to do.

Would watching a video make this easier? I got you covered!

Watch the episode right now!

Listen to the Family Hustle Podcast:

The Family Hustle Podcast
The Family Hustle Podcast

How We Blog

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What SHOULD you post on Social Media?

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