What Do You Eat on Keto? Part 1: Healthy Fats

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What do you eat on keto??? Today I’m sharing some basics about the keto diet and what a typical day may look like as you try to add in healthy fats all day long to keep you full. 

After pregnancy, nursing, and now weaning… I’m ready to feel like “myself” again! So I’m starting my own weight loss challenge to help me drop the last few pounds of “baby weight” and also just feel my best again! And I’m bringing you along for the ride if you want to join the fun : )

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What Healthy Fats Do You Eat on Keto?

If you’ve been thinking about trying the keto diet, or maybe just adopting a more low carb lifestyle, you’ve probably had mental pictures of what your plate would look like. Maybe you thought of piles and piles of bacon! I didn’t know much about Keto a few years ago and that’s what I pictured!

High Fat Diet

Now, a very basic thing is that the keto diet is a high fat diet. And some people may get scared or concerned when they think about a high fat diet. I don’t know about you but I grew up in the 80s, well I was born in 1985 so maybe technically I grew up in the 90s, but you know what I mean! Everything that was a “healthy” type food was low fat and if you were trying to eat healthier, you were picking the low fat option or foods were marketed as being low fat and healthier.

And so if you grew up thinking low fat = healthy, then you may now be thinking, “If I add fat to my diet, is that that going to make me fat?!?!” Well, that’s EXACTLY how I felt.

But what I realized is that we had all been lied to!

Fat does not make you fat and technically there is no food that “makes you fat”. It’s just not that simple.

But if you eat a lower carbohydrate or a keto diet you actually can help your body burn more fat as fuel.

Fat Adapted

This is called being “fat adapted”, where our bodies are made to be efficient and can burn carbs very quickly for fast energy, your body burns carbohydrates first. But if you stick to eating a low carb, high fat diet, then your body can actually burn the fat as fuel! This and so that’s called fat adapted and that’s kind of what you get the weight loss benefits of cumin.

Gestational Diabetes and Keto

Now there’s so many health benefits with keto I actually found keto because I had gestational diabetes, and so I was trying to manage my blood sugar naturally. And that’s how I kind of discovered a low carb keto lifestyle. And so what you know whenever I was trying to lose any weight, it worked really, really well for me and I actually realized, I feel so much better when I eat this way. So now I help other people discover the low carb lifestyle and start making it easy to live, you know without eating carbs all day long I mean that adapted.

Healthy Fats

Let’s talk about fat so healthy fat should be the majority of your calories and we’re going to say the majority of your diet. But then a lot of people might think like I’m going to eat a stick of butter, you know, but the calories add up faster because they are you know you can have one tablespoon of butter and that’s like 100 calories. But if you think of 100 calories of pasta, and it’s like a cup of pasta or 100 calories of chicken, you know that’s a couple of ounces of chicken and so thinking about fat as far as size. It’s a lot smaller and so that’s why you do it your majority of calories, your majority of your diet, come from but it really isn’t that much.

It’s just that, that’s how many calories you want inventory and calories to come from fat and I’ve seen like around that 70 60% of fat is kind of what is recommended if you’re following a keto diet. So where did he tell me that come from they can be in our food so there’s bad fats in some of our dairy products there’s fat that’s in our meat especially like red meat. Ladies don’t have as much fat in it like chicken or turkey and have some fat in it so it can be in other foods, not to have some fat in it. But then there’s also foods that are majority made up of fat so then that would be avocados, and butter.

You also have your oils like coconut oil so there’s different MCT oils video or different like oils that are pretty much all fat so I kind of made like a sample day where I was like okay, let’s just think about like how can we add that throughout our day. And so this is kind of how I started.

Keto Coffee

So what I did start with is kind of like a bulletproof coffee, it’s keto coffee – you just whip it up in the morning and that has MCT oils is has coconut oil on it has collagen in it which is a little bit of protein, but it has grass fed butter. And so, those kind of start your day with healthy fat about 10 to 12 grams of healthy fat.

And so if you start your day with hoping that it helps you manage your blood sugar and helps you have some energy to start your day off, it helps you burn fat because whenever you’re in fasting mode you fasted overnight unless you’re sleep Walker and you eat your sleep.

You fasted overnight so your body is already kind of primed to burn fat as fuel because you haven’t eaten in a while, it doesn’t have any of those quick reserves from carbs, so it’s already ready to burn fat as fuel so then whenever you eat for breakfast.

Then you’re giving your body what it needs. So we started our day with like this butter coffee.

Keto Lunch

And so then let’s think about lunch now. I like to eat, maybe a quick lunch something like that but for this like sample a day I decided I was going to make an omelet so I picked three eggs mix in a little bit of cheese and avocado on this side with some Roma tomatoes and so that together, had some health events in undergrad how much it was exactly but I put it all in my, my fitness account app.

Keto Dinner

And then for dinner I decided I was going to make like a Parmesan cheese, chicken breast with broccoli like off, you know, whole bunch of broccoli with butter on top. And so that was going to be that that meal the best one is going to be dinner, and this whole day I forgot if I had anything. I think that was it was just breakfast, lunch and dinner I don’t have any snacks.

I think the key is here is just adding healthy fat in throughout the day.

So if you understand what a healthy event is and then thinking like, Okay, can I have this you know to mine what I’m already eating. Butter is always so easy to add to, vegetables, and then if you’re making something like a smoothie or something like that you can add MCT oil so that if you’re having a snack you know it’s pretty easy to add like a whole milk kind of dairy product or something like that like a yogurt and then adding in cheese, I know if you’re steering away from dairy then there’s some other things but for me you know that’s something that I would eat is like dairy and cheese and nuts or something like that.

And so that’s a way to add in healthy fats throughout your day.

So if you think about it like that. It’s not as overwhelming and it’s also not eating like a whole plate of bacon, or a whole stick of butter which a lot of people are like, who would eat like that and that’s right none of us be like that. And so thinking about it as an overall What do you eat every single day and how do you sneak in healthy fats because those are going to help your metabolism, you’re going to help your feelings are going to look the same and find what you want, and the benefits of eating a healthy keto diet, low carb lifestyle.



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What Do You Eat on Keto?

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