5 Unexpected Ways You Are Lowering Your Immunity

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ditch your sugar cravings
ditch your sugar cravings

5 Ways We Lower Our Immunity

Our health and immune systems should always be a priority. But sometimes we lower our immunity without even realize it! Here are 5 Different ways you may be lowering your natural immune system and how you can start boosting your immunity.

5 Unexpected Ways You are Lowering Your Immunity
5 Unexpected Ways You are Lowering Your Immunity

Habits that Lower Immunity

Sometimes our daily habits are actually lowing our natural immunity defenses… and we don’t even realize it.

1. Feeling Stressed

We live in a high stress society. Everyone’s to-do list is jammed packed and we are running ourselves ragged.

Many people feel like they aren’t working hard enough if they aren’t stressed or sleep deprived.

One thing that isn’t talked about enough is how linked our immunity is to how stressed we feel.

If our body is stressed emotionally, mentally, or physically we are way more likely to get sick.

If you are feeling stressed, here are a few suggestions:

  • Eliminate what you can from your to-do list
  • Spend time daily in prayer or meditation
  • Practice yoga and deep breathing


2. Lack of Sleep

(If you are a mom, I’m sure you just laughed out loud) Sleep? What is that?

I know that mom life doesn’t give us much chance to sleep… but during times when you need to make sure you stay well… make it a priority.

As tempting as it may be to stay up late and enjoy those hours of adult conversation or just watching a movie… try to go to bed on time.

Your health matters!

Simple 5 Day Sugar Detox for Busy Moms
Simple 5 Day Sugar Detox for Busy Moms

3. Eating too many sweets.

Did you know that eating sugar actually lowers your immunity for HOURS? There are lots of foods that can lower our immunity so this is something to pay attention to.

I know it is SO hard to say no to sweets (especially if you are off your routine or feeling stressed).

I know when I changed my diet over 13 years ago and threw away 80% of the food in my pantry… it was because everything had sugar in it!

But I’m not even saying you have to be as strict as me… you can even use simple healthy swaps and continue to enjoy the same flavors you love!

Check out my 12 Top Keto Desserts

Reducing your sugar intake can have such a powerful improvement on your overall health.


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4. Not Enough Sun

I don’t know about you… but during the winter, I know I don’t get enough sun.

I’m always pale, haha… so it isn’t for my glowing tan!

Did you know that most people are CHRONICALLY deficient in Vitamin D?

This means that most of us need to supplement along with get more sun to get back to normal levels.

Vitamin D deficiencies have been linked to so many health problems.

Here are 7 common risk factors for vitamin D deficiency:

  • Having dark skin.
  • Being elderly.
  • Being overweight or obese.
  • Not eating much fish or dairy.
  • Living far from the equator where there is little sun year-round.
  • Always using sunscreen when going out.
  • Staying indoors.


My Top Vitamin D Supplement Picks

Nordic Naturals Vitamin D3 at Amazon

Solgar at Amazon

Megafood at Amazon


31 Daily Affirmations to Increase Your Confidence
31 Daily Affirmations to Increase Your Confidence

5. Negative Thoughts

Have you heard the saying… “I think, therefore I am.”

It may be more powerful as to what you are thinking determining who you become…

Did you know that there is a large body of research showing that depression leads to dementia and other illnesses?

If you are constantly worrying and thinking about getting sick… are you more likely to have that happen?

If you are trying to stay healthy… I would focus on what you can control and leave the things you can’t control in God’s hands.

I can control…

  • Washing my hands
  • Taking my vitamins and probiotics
  • Cleaning my house
  • Limiting my exposure by staying at home

For more help to guide your thoughts and stay positive… Grab My Positive Affirmations Free Guide



P.S. If you are ready to boost your immunity naturally, this is the ONE drink I would recommend for daily immunity boosting.

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