What Do You Eat on Keto? Part 2: Low Carb Vegetables

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What low carb vegetables do you eat on keto??? Today I’m sharing some basics about the keto diet and what a typical day may look like as you try fill up on low carb vegetables that help you eat enough fiber and vitamins.

Angela of Grassfed Mama shares healthy tips for busy moms.
Angela of Grassfed Mama shares healthy tips for busy moms.

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Part 2: Low Carb Vegetables

If you’ve been thinking about trying the keto diet, or maybe just adopting a more low carb lifestyle, you’ve probably had mental pictures of what your plate would look like. Maybe you thought of piles and piles of bacon! I didn’t know much about Keto a few years ago and that’s what I pictured!

I’m going to break this subject down over three separate posts, podcasts, and videos and this post is covering part 2 of what you can eat on a Keto Diet.

Keto Friendly Vegetables

We have already talked about healthy fats. But now we’re talking about veggies! When I am asked the question about what I do personally, I say that I do more of like a “lazy keto”. I used to track everything REALLY closely, especially whenever I was pregnant and I was dealing with gestational diabetes. My condition required very strict guidelines to control.

But honestly, I didn’t like tracking anything that closely. So I am more of like lazy keto, which is just the term for being a little bit more relaxed. I don’t limit my low carb vegetables, I definitely know what vegetables are low carb and those vegetables – I just don’t track!

You can easily track if what you are eating keeping you in Ketosis or not.

Benefits of Eating Low Carb Veggies on a Keto Diet

In just a minute, I’m going to give you a list of my top vegetables. These are the foods that I fill up half my plate with or more. Remember, there’s so many benefits to eating vegetables so let’s get into those first.

One, they have so many vitamins and minerals that you get so much bang for your buck with veggies. You get the best benefit I find if you add healthy fat to your vegetables. For instance steamed broccoli or green beans and adding in butter make a delicious and healthy side dish.

Secondly, veggies have a lot fiber which has a ton of benefits itself. If you haven’t done carb calculations for foods, you may not that a gram of fiber will cancel out a gram of carbs. Since vegetables have fiber in them, they help counteract some of the carbs you do eat, helping you stay in ketosis without feeling hungry all the time! That’s one reason why I don’t “count” vegetables, they end up not counting very much in the grand scheme of things. There’s so many benefits to them, I’m not going to limit them!

I do know some people do get super strict on vegetables in their tracking, and if you fall in to that basket you may may or may not like this post, and I understand that! But I am going to tell you some of the different vegetables I recommend and I don’t limit because these are things I want to fill up on.

And these veggies are a big thing to remember when you are making a lifestyle change toward Keto. This is one of the misconceptions of the Keto Lifestyle. Whenever people hear someone say “I eat keto” they think you’re eating like a whole plate of bacon! It’s because of this misconception because you may have heard like, “Oh, well you can’t eat fruit and you can’t eat this, you can’t eat that. I could never live like that!”

But what I want to do is fill up on healthy fats, have lots of low carb vegetables and then have a moderate amount of protein. And so those vegetables have a big role to play!

My Top Low Carb Veggies

We are going to tackle my go to vegetables now, but if you haven’t gotten my keto grocery list that’s in the description below where you can make sure that you are filling up your pantry with so much food so that you don’t feel deprived you always have food in your pantry so that you can fit healthy recipes that keep you on track. And on that list I have so many of these vegetables I’m going to mention and so these are things that you can make sure that you pick up at your grocery store.


Now one of our favorites, of course we have kids and so some of our side dishes are kind of determined by what they’ll eat. But they LOVE broccoli, they will eat meat and so those are some they rotate at our house pretty much every night. Now there’s some vegetables that I like that my family doesn’t eat as much. But some of those that I love are squash and zucchini. I really like them sautéed but my kids don’t care for them very much, so I don’t make it quite as often because they don’t eat it as well as I do.

Winter Squash

Another winner is spaghetti squash! If you haven’t cooked a spaghetti squash before I know it can seem a little scary, but I find cooking it in my instant pot or oven (or even a microwave!) is easy to do and it is so good for adding texture to another dish. Since it can be a substitute for pasta it’s great for lowering your carb counts while giving you the experience you still want.


Cabbage is another great low carb veggie, and especially good for Asian type dishes. But there’s also some other recipes that use a lot of cabbage and everything and that’s another one that that I don’t limit at all! In the same way is cauliflower, something that you’ve probably heard a lot of if you have been around keto circles for any length of time.


Cauliflower is honestly kind of bland by itself, but that means that you can make it taste like anything you want to! So I love to have frozen cauliflower in my freezer so I can pull it out and add to a dish. Again, I usually don’t eat it by itself. but you can make into pizza crust, bread sticks, or even macaroni and cheese! So there’s so many things that you can do with cauliflower.

Onions and Peppers

We also keep lots of onions and peppers handy (as well as mushrooms for certain dishes). These are vegetables that we use to season and fill out dishes with. Again, I don’t track any of these but they add SO much flavor to my dishes.

One of my most popular recipes on the blog is actually for a stuffed bell pepper casserole that’s delicious, easy to make, and keto and low-carb friendly! I personally don’t care for eating bell peppers raw, but a lot of people like those as like a snack, even with some dip.


One really basic veggie that we sometimes forget about is just good old Lettuce! I’ve even mentioned that one but having a salad every day, which is a lot easier for me in the summertime. But that’s another thing is just having, you know, a big salad at lunch again, and you can turn it into such a good healthy option with protein to finish your day. And so it keeps you full.

And it also helps helps you fill up on things that have a lot of vitamins in it, which is good for helping you with your cravings as far as keeping you satisfied, because your body’s going to let you know it’s missing something.

Eating the Low Carb Rainbow

If you think about your plate divided into sections of protein, healthy fats, and low carb vegetables, it’s not as overwhelming. Plus, it’s also not eating like a whole plate of bacon, or a whole stick of butter which a lot of people think that’s what eating keto is like. Thinking about it as an overall “What do you eat every single day” and “how do you sneak in healthy fats” because those are going to help your metabolism, you’re going to help your feelings are going to look the same and find what you want, and the benefits of eating a healthy keto diet, low carb lifestyle.

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