Six Low Carb Breakfast Ideas without Eggs

Sometimes you know you should grab something for breakfast that is low carb and helps fuel your body with healthy fats and protein, but you just aren’t in the mood for a heavy breakfast with eggs. Here are my top 6 Low Carb Breakfast Ideas without Eggs so you can start your day in fat burning mode!

We had a reader reach out who is REALLLLLY trying to transition to a low carb lifestyle and she doesn’t like eating eggs, so finding breakfast ideas she can get excited about has been difficult for her. I wanted to make this easier, because I believe that how you start your morning is important! read more

DIY: Holiday Scented Pinecones

This is a simple and easy holiday recipe to make your house smell amazing. Read more of how to make these DIY: Holiday Scented Pinecones.

The best thing about fall is the holiday scents… what am I saying? The best thing about fall is EVERYTHING!! 

But mama can’t be simmering a pot of apple cider on the stove every day, amiright?

and I don’t love burning candles… fires and kids sort of make me visualize this happening in my house:


Plus, you really don’t know what you are breathing in when you burn a conventional candle. Most are filled with artificial scents – and I’m just not sure I want to be breathing that in all day. read more

Four “No Carve” Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

These Four “No Carve” Halloween Pumpkin Ideas is perfect for your family if you want to decorate a pumpkin without the mess of carving.

It’s Fall Ya’ll! 

And that means it is time for all your fall bucket list ideas!

Our Fall Bucket List includes:

Leaf Scavenger Hunts

Making Wassail

Baking yummy Pumpkin Treats

Visiting the Pumpkin Patch

and Decorating Pumpkins!! 

Traditionally, most people CARVE their pumpkins.

However, when you carve a pumpkin there are some downsides…

When you carve it, it may ROT!

No one wants a stinky pumpkin rotting on their front porch! There are a few tips to help your pumpkin last longer – Click here to check them out! read more

Melted Crayon Halloween Pumpkin

This melted crayon Halloween pumpkin is great for your family if you want to decorate a pumpkin without the mess of carving.

‘Tis the season for all Fall Crafts! 

And of course when the leaves start dropping… It’s Pumpkin Time! 

I personally love finding cute ways to decorate pumpkins that don’t involve carving… 

When you carve a pumpkin, it gets MESSY – Plus I just get nervous with the kids around sharp objects lol.

This is a SUPER cute idea that will give you a unique pumpkin + PLUS use all those broken crayons you have laying around your craft room. read more

Low Carb Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread

Hello, fellow low carb lovers! As the leaves change and the cozy vibes settle in, what better way to embrace the season than with a slice of warm, comforting Low Carb Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread? Get ready to embark on a delicious journey that combines the autumnal goodness of pumpkin with the indulgence of chocolate chips, all while keeping things wonderfully low carb. If you’re like me and crave the aroma of freshly baked treats but want to stay true to your low carb lifestyle, this recipe is your golden ticket to fall-flavored bliss. So, preheat those ovens, dust off your mixing bowls, and let’s dive into a world where wholesome meets decadent in the most delightful way possible! read more

3 Benefits of Adding Collagen Peptides to Your Morning Coffee

Are you ready to unleash that natural glow from within and feel amazing? Well, look no further because we’ve got the secret ingredient for you: Collagen Peptides! These magical little powders have been taking the health and beauty world by storm, and for good reason. From boosting your skin’s elasticity to strengthening your hair and nails, collagen peptides are the holy grail for all you busy moms out there. So, put on your Supermom cape and get ready to learn all about the amazing benefits of collagen peptides, plus some handy tips for incorporating them into your busy mom lifestyle. Let’s get that glow, Grassfed Mamas! read more

Low Carb Chocolate Chip Coconut Flour Bread

Welcome to our sweet and guilt-free kitchen, where we’re about to share a delicious recipe my family loves –  Low Carb Chocolate Chip Coconut Flour Bread! If you’ve been on the lookout for a treat that satisfies your cravings without derailing your low-carb lifestyle, you’re in for a mouthwatering delight.

Picture this: a warm, freshly baked loaf, infused with the rich aroma of chocolate chips and the subtle sweetness of coconut flour. It’s a slice of heaven that not only caters to your sweet tooth but also keeps your carb count in check. This recipe is a game-changer, striking the perfect balance between indulgence and mindful eating. read more

Why is Grassfed Butter Good for You?

As you may can imagine… given the title of this blog… We like grassfed butter and we cannot lie, haha.

But what the heck is it and WHY is it good for you???

What is Grassfed Butter?

Grassfed Butter is just butter made from cows who eat grass…

Cow are supposed to be eating grass, Right? Sadly this shouldn’t be so usual… but we see that many conventional dairy products come from cows who are given feed other than their preferred diet of grass. You can read more about that in the Omnivore’s Dilemma 

Because these cows are fed grass, the butter that is made from the cream of cows getting a diet rich in beta-carotene – resulting in higher nutrition for you! 

Although you may have been told that butter is bad for your health… That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Let’s look at Grassfed Butter’s nutrition facts:  read more

The One Appliance Your Kitchen is Missing

I’m not someone who loves to spend all day in the kitchen. When I started cooking with an Instant Pot, it changed meal planning for me. Read more about why I think every kitchen needs an Instant Pot and a super simple recipe you can try tonight!

So I LOVE to cook, (sometimes… lol)

I love the finished product and the feeling that comes from preparing healthy dishes for my family (and knowing what they are putting in their bodies!)

But there are times that I’m just not excited to hit the kitchen and do the meal prep and the cooking. read more

Essential Oil Bathtub Crayons

You can make bath time more fun with these Essential Oil Bathtub Crayons. Your kids will love being a part of the creation and then playtime during bath time.

When a rainy day strikes, bring the fun inside with bathtub crayons. Add a little Essential Oil for play time that can be as calming or energizing as Mom wants!

The girls have really enjoyed these, and sometimes it’s nice to have something that can be messy in a controlled way!

What You’ll Need:

• 1 bar Unscented Castile Soap (grated) read more