One Tip to Help You Eat More Salads this Summer

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We all know we should be eating more vegetables to stay healthy. Here is One Tip to Help You Eat More Salads without wasting produce each week.

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How We Started Eating More Salads Each Week

I’m going to share with you a tip that has helped us eat more salads each week and reduce some of the throwing away of lettuce greens.

Maybe you can relate to this… you go to the store and you’re trying to be healthy, a lot of times the first thing we do is we grab a bag of lettuce. It’s already cut up and makes it easy, but it may go bad before you eat it.

I don’t know about you guys, but that was a big struggle for us so we ended up throwing away a lot of our vegetables each week that we bought for salads.

I knew I wanted to eat more vegetables and salads each week, so I changed what I was buying, and it’s more nutritious!

Hearts of Romaine

When we started buying hearts of romaine instead of bagged salad mix I realized that it was lasting longer and we started eating MORE salads!

Now, I usually eat a salad for lunch, and chop up what I need for that one meal so it is flexible. Many days I eat a taco salad, but Greek or even a Philly cheesesteak salad works!

I typically eat a taco salad where it’s taco meat and cheese and you can put an avocado and tomatoes on there. Then, just fill your bowl with hearts of romaine and it really fills you up with fiber!

One thing that I realized is that whenever I bought hearts of romaine, they actually lasted a lot longer than bagged salad and have more nutrients in it than Iceberg lettuce.

That’s kind of like a tip that I learned that has really helped me eat more salads.

If you like to meal prep, you can have everything already cooked so you can throw together your salad for lunch without having to heat up the kitchen which is so great in the summer.

A lot of times we cook extra, and then we can eat on it throughout the week. This is great for ground meat and grilled chicken too!

It really helps us stay on track and eat more salads, which is so good for keeping us full and giving us the vegetables that we need.

Share with us in the comments what are YOUR favorite salads, or maybe a main dish that you can turn into a Salad.

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