Why I love Mountain Meadow Herbs (and you should too!)

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Why I love Mountain Meadow Herbs Grassfed Mama

Why I love Mountain Meadow Herbs

and you should too!

I learned about Mountain Meadow Herbs when I was pregnant. I was looking for some natural ways to supplement and I knew that liquid herbs were some of the best ways to increase vitamins and minerals in terms of absorption and safety.

I used Mountain Meadow Herbs’ Gentle birth formula during the last weeks of pregnancy to prepare my body for labor. I had an amazing natural labor. It was fast – only about 2.5 hours. I was only in pain for about 10 minutes during the pushing phase. I highly recommend trying their formula if you are considering a natural labor.

I fell in love with Mountain Meadow Herbs and their products so much, I decided to become an affiliate. Read more about what Mountain Meadow Herbs has to offer you.

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Here is a message from Mountain Meadow Herbs: 

As we become more and more aware of what we put into our body these days, people have begun to question the sense of processed and refined products. Are we losing valuable benefits? Are things being added that actually harm, rather than help us?


Getting to know the products you and your family use on a daily basis is not restricted to granola bars and laundry detergent. Herbal supplements are becoming increasingly popular as a way to improve well being naturally.  One might easily think that because a supplement is made of herbs, it couldn’t get much more natural.  However, just like many other products claiming to be ‘natural’, there are often hidden ingredients or fillers that can do more bad than good.


The following are a few basic tips to keep in mind when choosing an herbal supplement:


Product Purity

Just like the food you buy, be sure to take a peek at the list of ingredients. Stay away from supplements that contain any unpronounceable additives, fillers or preservatives.  Another common sense key to how beneficial the product is: how long is the ingredient list? As with most of the things you put in your body, choose the one with the shortest, most recognizable list of ingredients.


Where did it all begin?

In other words, what was it before it was made into a supplement? How much of it is natural plant matter? Kathy Garber, herbalist and founder of Mountain Meadow Herbs often asks the question, “Is it a food I would place on the dinner table? A good example is Coral Calcium. We don’t cook and eat coral reef, so taking coral calcium as a supplement doesn’t make a lot of sense.”


Heat, chemicals, contaminants, oh my!

What was the process of making the supplement? Was excessive heat used?

Was it tested for contaminates such as heavy metals? Was there a large amount of processing that went into the production of the pill, tonic, or patch? In short, the brand name should be a trusted one, willing to share this information with the consumer.


Are you my mother?

How different is the supplement from the plants that it originally came from? Most herbs contain beneficial compounds that complement each other, and can aid in their effectiveness. “For example, whole Milk Thistle seed would be a better choice over one that contains a certain percentage of slymarin,” explains Garber, “as there may be components within the whole Milk Thistle that make it more beneficial”.


DO judge a book by it’s cover

Like any other product we put into our body, it is important to pay attention to the packaging it comes in. Many plastics contain chemicals such as BPA, which is known to disrupt estrogen levels, possibly cause cancer, and lead to brain and behavioral problems.  A glass container is generally a safe bet when choosing a supplement.


Does it work for YOU?

The ultimate test is simply a personal trial and error. Everyone’s body responds differently, so what works for someone else, may not have the same or as intense of an effect on you. Try a product and ask yourself, did the product make a difference in 1-3 months? Did it live up to the results the brand promised? If not, than perhaps it is not the right product for your needs.

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Some of their products that I want to highlight:

Early Care Combo 

The perfect gift for the newly expectant mom!

Stomach Aid (4oz) This formula may have a calming effect on the stomach during pregnancy and reduce discomfort caused by motion. Digestive health support for all ages.

Vari-Plex (4oz)We designed this all natural formula to help support vein health. It may normalize circulation and aid in maintaining strong healthy capillaries. Considered safe to use during pregnancy.

Herbal Calcium (2oz) Calcium has a normalizing effect on stomach acids. This formula may promote restful sleep and ease leg cramps. May be helpful for teething babies!

Adren-L-Aid II

Exhaustion and pregnancy go hand-in-hand for many moms. Changes in you body include the adrenal glands increasing in size and activtiy. Pregnenolone produced by them is used by the nervous, grandular and musculoskeletal systems. All of which can be stressed during pregnancy, resulting in fatigue and a lack of stamina.
Adren-L-Aid II provides an effective, safe herbal combination for pregnant or nursing mothers to support their adrenal glands.

 Gentle Birth Formula (this what I used and recommend)

Experience the benefits others are talking about.

  • Less Pain during labor and delivery
  • Advanced Dilation before discomfort was felt
  • Shorter and Easier Labor
  • Shorter Recovery Time

You will need a 4 oz for the recommended five weeks prior to your due date.
Gentle Birth Formula is available without Red Raspberry or without Blue Cohosh upon request.
See Suggested Use section for further details.

Over 90% of women who tried the Original Gentle Birth Formula recommend it to family and friends!

Maxi-Milk – for increased milk production

Liver Glow II – for natural detox and liver support

Infant immune booster  – naturally supports a healthy immune system in people of all ages.

Herbal Iron

I am usually anemic in pregnancy unless I supplement with iron.

Weight Control Formula II

Right now they are excited about the weight loss results from nursing moms using their new Weight Control Formula II. They also have a regular formula for non-nursing moms & dads. 

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Have you tried liquid herbs yet? What are your thoughts?

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  1. We are currently using the Para Rid from MMH. 🙂 It’s our first round, can’t wait to see how it works for us.

  2. […] I bought Gentle birth formula from Mountain Meadow Herbs to help prepare for labor. This formula is supposed to help tone your uterus making labor faster and easier. I did have a very fast labor (about 2.5 hours) and it was only painful for about 10 minutes when I was pushing. I highly recommend taking this if you are wanting help for a natural labor. Learn more about why I love Mountain Meadow Herbs here.  […]

  3. Hi. I am taking the Gentle Birth tincture from MMH now. I have a question. I hope you are still checking these comments. We are having storms blow through for the next 10 days. Last night after one of them and taking the GB I started having ctx every 3-4 minutes that were certainly felt. They did not seem like BH. I still have 9 days before my MW can deliver my baby. So now that all that is out there… Is this how GB works? Does it mimic labor or do you think I am sensitive to the formula? I tried calling MMH but they are not open on the weekends. I sure don’t want to go to the ER as I’m planning a home birth, but I also don’t want to stop taking something out of unjustified fear. Can you offer any advice or share how the GBF effected you? Thanks.

    • I know for me, before I even started taking GB I started having ctx every 3-4 minutes – but they weren’t real labor… they were more like overworked uterus muscles contracting each night. My midwife would have me go take a bath and then lay down for an hour or so or just go to bed for them to stop. Most of the time they stopped within 2 hours and also I had to make sure I wasn’t dehydrated. I know this may be too late, but I would call your midwife and just see what you think.

  4. Hi there! Great write-up, as I too took Gentle Birth for the end of my third pregnancy. It was an excellent, fast labor, and I only felt pain during the last few minutes. I highly recommend their product!

  5. I am a strong believer in the power of natural healing, and Mountain Meadow Herbs has many good, potent products. I have been a long-time customer and have come to know the organization well.

    But, this seems like a post that has been sponsored by Mountain Meadow Herbs… Which, if true, is a serious conflict of interest.

    Also, in response to the commentary regarding sources for a calcium supplement by Mrs. Garber (coral calcium doesn’t make sense because we don’t eat coral reef)- this is illogical and contradictory. First, if a person finds value and gets results from something like coral calcium, then it makes sense. Second, many fish eat coral, and people eat fish, thereby consuming some amount of calcium that originated from coral. Finally, look at the ingredients that compose Herbal Calcium from Mountain Meadow Herbs (Stinging Nettle Leaf, Horsetail, etc.); most of which would not be found at the dinner table, either.

    But then, you have many examples of ingredients used in the Mountain Meadow Herbs product line, all of which are formulated by Mrs. Garber, that defy her own words. One example would be Spirulina in the Weight Control Shake (I wonder how much Cyanobacteria from Alkaline waters Mrs. Garber uses in cooking?). Then, of course, you have all of the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that are either systhesized or refined from non-food sources (but, in fairness, many do come from food-source: Bromelain enzyme is extracted from pineapple).

    My point is this: there are many ways to improve your body via supplementation. To thoroughly research and inform yourself is the most important aspect of taking control of your health.

  6. […] I bought Gentle birth formula from Mountain Meadow Herbs to help prepare for labor. This formula is supposed to help tone your uterus making labor faster and easier. I did have a very fast labor (about 2.5 hours) and it was only painful for about 10 minutes when I was pushing. I highly recommend taking this if you are wanting help for a natural labor. Learn more about why I love Mountain Meadow Herbs here.  […]

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